4 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Published On October 20, 2017 | home improement

If a home remodel is in your future you have probably started to consider which rooms you should attack first.  And if you haven’t, consider the kitchen and the bathrooms. The kitchen offers excellent return on investment, but improving a bathroom can add some unexpected comfort and character to your home.

If you are choosing to renovate the bathroom, you should know that the National Kitchen and Bath Association (of America) suggest this Renovco renovation project will probably take about six months.  Also, data shows the average budget for this type of job (in 2016) is around $26,000.  Finally, the data shows that the average recoup on these costs (at resale) is about 58 percent.


While you might not need to actually replace plumbing, if you are opting to replace your fixtures, it helps to see if you need to anything about the plumbing while you’re at it.  Always try to install these new fixtures at or near the existing fixtures to avoid complicated rerouting.


Another excellent bathroom remodel project is one that saves space. This is one of the most confined, restricted rooms in your whole house so storage space is sparse.  When you remodel a bathroom, it is often a good idea to see how you can add storage options to truly maximize what space you have. Again, this will also add more comfort and character; and to a room that every single person in the home will use, as well as those who visit.


While it is not quite as important as other aspects of a bathroom, lighting is another thing you should think about. Because the space is so small you probably don’t need a lot of lighting fixtures; so instead of adding more light, it would be more strategic to figure out the best ways to light the space for depth and comfort, too.  Consider simply replacing your existing fixtures with something more flattering to the wall, for example.


Most people don’t really think about ventilation in a bathroom, but we all know that it is important.  When you renovate a bathroom, then, remember that you need ventilation—not because it might need an upgrade but because you don’t want to make other decisions that are going to hinder the ventilation system from doing its very important—and oft overlooked—job.


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