4 Incredibly Stunning Castles For Sale Around The World

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Wouldn’t it be fantastic to own your own castles? Yes I said it, castle, now that would be a feat to brag about at the next neighborhood party. Or who am I kidding, you wouldn’t even be in the same neighborhood if you actually purchased a castle.

I’m going to lie though, castles are expensive and then I mean very expensive. So whether or not you have the money to actually buy a castle or if you want to visualize your pipe-dream, I thought I’d share a few stunning castles around the world that are indeed for sale.

Now I’m not talking about these minor castles you might find around the world, I’m talking about castles that would be fitting for people like Sir Lancelot and friends.

So without further ado and without wasting anymore time, let’s get down to today’s list of 4 incredibly stunning castles for sale around the world, with number one being the most expensive castle on this exclusive list.

4 Stunning Castles For Sale

A 30 bedroom castle in Ostrowiec, Poland.

Let’s start things off with a bang as we introduce our first castle on this prestigious list, 30 bedroom castle situated in Ostrowiec, Poland, that’s currently being used as a hotel.

Surrounded by a lot of 10 hectares of old oak trees, this stunning castle sits on top a small hill, overlooking most of the landscape.

So if you’re thinking of buying a castle of at least 29 bedrooms then I would suggest this behemoth, coming with only a minor drawback, an asking price of 4,5 million EUR. Like I said, a minor drawback indeed which shouldn’t be a problem.


  1. A castle in Umbria, Italy.

Here we have a castle from the 13th century that is situated in Umbria, Italy. This stunning castle of bright colors and features is in fact a converted apartment complex now, which is quite peculiar indeed.

In any case, if you should fall head over heels for this lovely estate then you’ll be getting a castle overlooking the river Tevere and your own little apartment complex if you should decide to keep that kind of structure and layout. It also features a stunning number of 17 bedrooms.

In any case, the price tag on this lovely castle is in fact reduced by 17 % from the original price and now sits on “just” 4,8 million EUR.


Another stunning castle in Umbria, Italy.

As we approach the end of this list with big steps I’d like to introduce you to our number two spot on this list, which is another stunning castle in Umbria, Italy.

This prestigious villa and castle sits on top a low hill and is quickly recognized as the prime feature of this landscape. This castle is considered to be from ancient times and was indeed sold to a powerful family during the 19th century.

Today it’s once again for sale and this time you need to pay a whooping 7,4 million EUR if you want to claim ownership of this fantastic castle with an incredible feature such as 6 hectares of parks and gardens.

It also has a lovely library, a large terrace and a stable as well. Just imagine spending your summers at this stunning estate.


Highlands Castle in Bolting Landing, New York.

And for the number one pick on this list we have an absolutely stunning castle situated in Bolting Landing, New York State, USA. It’s a well-earned number one spot with an incredible price tag of 12,8 million USD. Though this figure may not be the highest one in the real estate business (which is both surprising and not surprising at the same time due to the different variations of features and design when you compare this castle with modern mansions) it’s definitely a stunning castle for a staunching number of almost 13 million USD.

This castle is in fact a hidden treasure in the midst of upstate New York, overlooking Lake George as it sits upon a mountaintop. It has rooms and features such as a grand entrance, a theater room, private balconies, a large kitchen, a master king and queen bedroom with private baths and so on.

Without a doubt, this stunning castle is definitely a piece of real estate that any sane man or woman would die for.


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