7 Tips to Identify the Best Maid Service is St. Louis, MO

Published On December 30, 2016 | home improement

There are several maid services in the St. Louis area that provide good cleaning services for your home. Each of them may specialize in a different type of cleaning service, but to find the one that works best for most of your needs, here are seven tips to locate the right maid service in St. Louis, MO. When looking for the best maid service in St. Louis, MO, it pays to do a little research first to find out what they offer before making your decision.

Licensed & Insured

The maid service you choose should be licensed to operate in the greater St. Louis area. They should have that information on their website. Being licensed means they follow all state and local rules and regulations for their services.

Plus, accidents can happen and if the service does accidentally damage property in your home, they should be insured so that the repairing/replacement cost is not borne by you. No insurance means that you are most likely left with the bill to foot.Image result for 7 Tips to Identify the Best Maid Service is St. Louis, MO

Full Services

There should be a list of all cleaning services performed on their website so you know what they will and will not clean. This is very helpful because there may be cleaning services you need to be done, that some companies will not do. Although most companies will perform general cleaning work, there may be specific areas of your home that will not be touched.

Customer Reviews

You should look for independent customer reviews to get a feel of the effectiveness of how they do their work. While even the best maid service in St. Louis, MO will have a few negative reviews, you are looking for a pattern to their behavior which indicates whether they are a good fit for your requirements.


All personnel from the maid service that enters your home should have to be properly vetted by the company. This means that the cleaners have undergone security checks and in-person interviews to ensure that your home remains safe and secure.

Specific Services

Do you really need something specific item/area to be cleaned that may not be on the list? If so, call and ask the company. You may find that they will do the job as part of their normal services or for an extra fee. Be sure that you are specific about the cleaning service you want. Plus, drapes, carpets, and rugs are more in line with a professional carpet cleaning service.

Money Back Guarantee

The best maid services offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their work. After they have completed their service, you can inspect their work to see if they have cleaned the areas of your home that needed attention.  


Last, but not least is the price of the services they provide. The prices should fit into your budget while offering everything you need to have your home properly cleaned. You can use the price as a tie-breaker between otherwise equally qualified maid services.

By taking these seven tips into account, you can quickly narrow down the choices so you can make the best-informed decision.

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