8 Clever design ideas to save space and store more in a small home

Published On July 12, 2016 | Home

Do you regret your decision of buying a small home in a hurry? Are you frustrated since there is not enough space in your rooms? Well, you’re not alone. Millions of homeowners are facing the same problem in different parts of the world. Unless, you are a rich guy, it isn’t possible to buy a big house in the next month. So, what is the solution? Will you fret every day and curse yourself every moment? Absolutely not! This won’t solve your problem. Rather, it will just increase it.

There are lots of creative design ideas that can help you to maximize storage and use space wisely. Here are a few of them.

  1. Use loft window as a rack:Basically, here you use the loft window blinds folds as a rack. You can hang clothes you wear every day in the rack. Try to hang lightweight clothes in the rack.
  1. Buy a sofa cum bed:I just love this. The best part of sofa cum bed or sofa bunk bed is that you can convert the sofa into a bed when you have lots of guests in your house and you don’t have too many guest rooms.
  1. Use stairs as drawers: Stair drawers are a great way to expand the storage capacity of your small home. You can keep shoes, books, clothes, etc. in the shelves. Just don’t leave the drawers open or your loved ones may fall down.
  1. Have a bed with built-in drawers: This kind of bed may cost you more than ordinary beds. But this bed will provide great storage space for clothes, bags, books, toys, etc.
  1. Have adjustable shelves in walls: You can create extra storage space in your rooms by constructing adjustable shelves with sliding doors on the walls. You can also hang shelves up high on the walls, especially in your kitchen and bedrooms.2
  1. Buy an iron mat: You don’t need an iron board in your small home. Just buy an iron mat and spread it on your bed or washing machine. Iron your clothes whenever you want. Fold the mat and your job is done. Isn’t it a great space saving idea?
  1. Use folding chair and table: Folding chairs and tables can help you add space in your rooms. Use them for having dinners.
  1. Have small furnishings: A pair of low chairs can create a cozy environment in the living room. It allows you to get a full view of your home. Plus, you get a scope to use the walls for hanging shelves. 


Sometimes, you can save a lot of space in your rooms by having the right furniture arrangement. Use armless sofa in your living room. It will save space. Plus, choose furniture that won’t take a lot of space in your rooms. 

Cool colours such as white make your tiny rooms look larger. Pain your doors, walls and furniture in the same colour. It will make the doors disappear.


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