A Great Alternative To A Central Heating Radiator

Published On September 28, 2015 | Featured

Central heating has got to be of the best things ever invented. It’s something most of us take for granted, but I remember as a young child living in a house with only one gas fire downstairs in the living room. On cold frosty winter mornings, it wasn’t unusual to wake up to ice on the inside of the window, and taking a bath was a very unpleasant activity once winter had arrived. Of course nowadays nearly everyone has had central heating installed, particularly those who are home owners, but what do you do to keep warm if you either don’t own the property or the room you want to heat is not large enough to accommodate a radiator?


Our present home, like our previous one does have central heating, however our kitchen is a bit on the small side and fitting a radiator in there would have taken up too much wall space to justify it. Instead we went for a Dimplex 2.4kw Plinth Heater that we could just switch on when we needed some extra heat, like first thing in a morning. We were able to choose the colour of the fascia from a choice of white, brown or stainless steel. As our appliances are all stainless steel, we went for that option and it looks pretty good situated in the plinth in the middle of a run of cabinets. The model we chose has the switches incorporated into the front of the unit, however you can actually get an alternative model for a slightly higher price that comes with a remote hard wired switch instead.

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We have been extremely happy with this set up. Being located in the plinth below the units it doesn’t take up any extra space and is discrete enough to blend in with the rest of the kitchen. In our view it was the best alternative solution to a radiator.

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