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Published On December 1, 2015 | Featured

Make no mistake, there is certainly something to be said for purchasing and installing a quality advanced security system. Taking initiative to protect your family and your possessions from harm should be high on your priority list. Unfortunately, many criminals have begun to find ways to break through more traditional security systems. Simple CC TV systems no longer work, as criminals tend to wear disguises as they make entry into a home anyway. Changed locks, weapons, and even a dog, cannot deter someone from entering your home if they really want to. The only answer, therefor, is to go with an advanced security system, such as those provided by Automated Lifestyles LLC.

Absolute Control

One of the biggest complaints within the realm of home security, is that home owners do not feel as though they have control of their systems. An advanced automated security system allows you to turn on your lights before you ever reach your front door. Complete control of your home security is highlighted on Automated Lifestyles’ website at advanced home security. Advanced home security can program your system to notify you of a variety of issues, such as an intrusion, fire, or dangerous gas leakage.

Live Customer Support Advantage

An advanced security system provides you with the advantage of receiving live customer support. This is a feature that Automated Lifestyles provides, and it grants you access to help 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. There are several reasons this is important, but one of the most important is that it allows you to trouble-shoot your system upon initial installation. You do not have to worry about false alarms when you have someone available to provide the support that you need for your system. It also allows you to customize the system to make sure that every aspect of your home, inside and out, is protected.

Advanced Security home

Advanced Security: Vacation Homes

A vacation home is a joyous asset to own, yet it can just as easily become a stark headache. An important reason for why this is the case is the mere fact that vacation homes are not always occupied. This leaves them vulnerable to home intrusions during of-season months, such as during the winter time with beach rentals. The good news is that an advanced security initiative allows you to monitor your property from great distances. Remotely turn on your lights to make it look as if someone is present. View live video feeds during busier times of the vacation seasons to ensure that no one enters your property.

Incredible Home Surveillance: From Anywhere

More advanced security systems enable you to monitor your home from work or school, or even while you are on vacation. Use a laptop or iPad to closely monitor who comes and goes from the home. Instances of false alarm are minimized as well if you have the access to a live video feed. When you are able to control and monitor your home security system from just about anywhere in the world, it allows you to live a stress-free life knowing that your personal property has maximum protection.

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