Advantages of Using Velcro and Uses around the House

Published On March 18, 2016 | Home

With applications ranging from the health sector to the military and even NASA, Velcro is an incredibly practical tool to keep things in place around the house. Become part of the satisfied community that chose this invention for a wide variety of tasks and applications. Velcro’s use is limited perhaps by nothing except your imagination.


The Advantages of Using Velcro around the House

Velcro comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes and even colors. Here are some of the other advantages of this versatile material.

1.      Strength and endurance

Velcro is remarkably strong. Just one two-inch Velcro strip can hold 79.4 kilograms. This type of Velcro is mostly used in industrial applications. Nonetheless, the functional principle for around-the-house Velcro adhesive tapes, strips, and coins is the same.

The strength is rendered by contact between the two main components of the material (loops and hooks) in addition to the pull force and the surface area to which the Velcro fastener is attached. For a strong and resistant fastening, browse through different types of straps to find the one that fits the bill for your project.

2.      Low cost maintenance

Velcro is so easy to maintain mainly because it wears out over a long period of time. It’s the most cost-efficient fastener as you’ll have to remove the old one and replace it with new one quite rarely. This material is inexpensive to begin with, which leaves plenty of savings to invest in something else.


3.      Uncomplicated

Velcro is so easy to use, one may easily become addicted to this material. Velcro tapes will easily stick to any surface andonce they’rein place, they will safely hold anything attached to it. Clothing, shoes, home projects, do-it-yourself ideas and many others benefit from the use of Velcro.

Easy Home Hacks with Velcro

Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity and encourage to roll up your sleeves for a DIY.

1.      Kitchen Hacks

Put that strong Velcro grip to good use and organize your kitchen in new and creative ways. For instance, Velcro patches are the perfect fasteners for spice jars. Instead of having them chaotically spread around the kitchen, spice jars will look phenomenal attached to a kitchen wall. Stick one side of the Velcro to your wall and the other to the spice jar. Organize the spice jars in this impromptu, make-do yet modern fashion.

2.      Living Room Hacks

Do you need a helping hand with keeping seat cushions and carpets from slipping away? Velcro is easy to attach and easy to take off when the time comes. Meanwhile, the material is also great at fastening seat cushions to your chairs and carpets to the floor for an impeccable home look.


3.      Emergency Situation Hacks

How many times have you looked for a flashlight during a power cut? Here’s a hack that you’ll be thankful for during the next power outage: use Velcro to attach a flashlight to key points around the house. Keep a flashlight ready to use in each room of the house by attaching it to the back of a nightstand or in other accessible places. Just in case, use Velcro to keep a flashlight next to the fuse box.

4.      Accessorizing Hacks

This is a quick method to hang personal photographs, your DIY frames or other things on the walls without having to drill holes. Velcro is also a great material to hang up the mailbox or tools in the garage.


5.      Safety Hacks

Velcro will save your tablet from potential liquid spillovers while you’re baking and checking the cake recipe at the same time. Hang the tablet in front of you for easy access and safe keeping.

Velcro makes our lives easier:it’s affordable, easy to use and it offers a wide variety of applications. Using Velcro around the house will open up a whole swath of possibilities for space saving and creative uses.

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