Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

Published On December 13, 2016 | home improement

When it comes to the living room, there are different types of living room furniture that you can use to decorate your living room, be it living room furniture or side tables. This article talks about how you can arrange your furniture in your living room.

Side tables

Well, retreats are usually an afterthought. The number of tables you need depends on the number of seats you need.3

All visitors must be able to sit comfortably and should be able to take their drink without stressing themselves. This is why you must have a side table. Side tables come in different types and designs. They come in wooden, metallic and glass material. Depending on what you need, some are stationary (heavy wooden or metallic side tables), and some are flexible and easily moved around. You might find it a little bit difficult picking a side table because there are many beautiful designs that you can pick from. Side tables should be comfortable next to sofas. But the key is open enough space in the room without furniture to be pushed into a corner. The side tables should be the same sofa seating position.

Chairs and sofas

These are perhaps the most important pieces of furniture in your living room, and they make up your living room. Depending on the type of chairs and sofas that you needed, it is always essential that they are of higher quality because that portrays your image to your visitors. What type of chairs or sofas do you need? Are they modern, ancient or contemporary decor? You can go for 3-seat sofas, which you would see in most homes, or you can just pick armchairs, or even both, then one rocking chair for relaxation. However, you should measure your space before you purchase furniture. They should not be too small or too large. Ideally, draw a floor plan. Make a sketch of the room, preferably on millimetre paper by appropriate measures. Place the chairs and sofa in different locations to discuss what seems most appealing and also allow enough space for passage.

Coffee table

It is practical to have furniture pieces that are essentially in the middle of a conversation area. While you are choosing, remember that the coffee table height shouldn’t be higher than that of the chairs or sofas around it. People seating around the coffee table must be able to lean and pick up or put down a drink sans getting up from the seat. The type of coffee table that you should be either wooden, metallic, or glass, and they can be round or rectangular, of which some of them comes with a drawer, just in case you want to store something. There are also bigger coffee tables that you can buy, which some are up to 90cm round. Note that there must be enough leg allowance between the coffee table and the seats.


Carpet is an excellent way to define a living room. However, the biggest mistake people often make is buying a carpet that is too small for the living room. Make sure that all furniture in your living room should be comfortable to fit the carpet. If there is not enough space, make sure that the front legs of the largest furniture are placed on it. Smaller pieces such as tables and chairs should ideally have four paws on the carpet.

Living Room accessories

Once you have set up your living room furniture, it is very important to store an idea accessory. You’ll probably have the common ones like TV units and sideboards for television, sound system, artworks, window treatments, etc. to decorate your room. In fact, give the same importance to accessories that you would have made in the case of furniture in the living room. Accessories often assume greater importance because the TV furniture and electrical appliances need a position close to the power supply and cannot move. Other essential accessories to put in your living room are a mirror, modern or contemporary decor wall clock (marble, metallic or wooden wall clock). Other accessories are the book case and artificial gardens and aloevera plants that come in different glass shapes. If you have enough space in your living room, you might also consider having a day bed in one end of your living room.

Placing your living room furniture in the right place is very important. Sets the appearance of the room, and draws the admiration of the guests.


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