Assess Potential Plumbing Repair Before Purchasing A Home

Published On January 25, 2016 | Home

The most overlooked feature in a home buying process is its plumbing system. It is a network that delivers clean water and carries waste water from bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas of a house. The pipes run through foundation, wall, and the ground outside a home. If something goes wrong in its network, then clean water access and waste water removal gets impaired. Home buyers must assess the plumbing system condition in advance.

Few plumbing areas that need to be checked



Inspect the exterior and interiors of toilets in each bathroom. Hold the toilet to find out if it moves or flooring around, if pressure is applied. If it moves, then it indicates that there had been leaks and sub-flooring has got damaged. Flush the toilet and find out if it works and refills properly.

Water heater

Basically, water heaters function well for a decade but sometimes it may need repair work, before this time. Have a professional plumber inspect the water heater to find out –

  • What repair work is needed?
  • How old the unit is?
  • Does it comply with current codes?

Besides, a plumber’s inspection, you can walk around and determine if the unit is installed in an area that can cause damages due to leakages. Even check what steps are taken for preventing water damages inside the home.

Sewer line

Inspection of sewer line is difficult without proper equipment. If you flush the toilets and yet drains are not flowing clearly, then it means that there is a minor clog or a developing major sewer line issue. Have a sewer line video inspection performed with the help of professionals. This kind of issue can cause backup sewage waste inside the home, which can turn out to be costly in terms or repair and health wise.

Garbage disposal

For garbage disposal inspection, you just turn the kitchen tap on and flip garbage disposal unit. Listen to the sound of unit and look carefully at the sink for vibration. Check the units’ age, because these need to be replaced, after few years.

When walking through the house, these are some items that need to be reviewed. The place may have hidden water leakages, so take help from professionals at Toronto Plumbing Services. This step can save spending of hundreds of dollars related to pipeline repairs, after you take possession of the house. Therefore, before you take final ownership, consider to schedule a plumbing inspection from established services.

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