Replacing Glass

Be Cost Efficient when Replacing Glass in Windows

Published On October 15, 2015 | Featured

Glass double paned units are great for a large window space. They are heavier and more energy efficient than regular glass, awarding you the opportunity to have an awesome view of the outdoors. However, many sliding patio doors or permanent windows can become hazy and streaked if a seal is damaged, allowing air and moisture inside the double panes. We taken some tips from local double glazing company Harvey’s Windows on replacing your units and why it should be done.

Your first thought may be that the door or window is of poor quality and that replacement glass is the only answer. The bad news is that yes, your glass will need to be replaced in order to fix the leaking seal. The good news is that no, you do not have to buy a new door or window. Glass replacement units can be made to fit into an existing frame, saving you money and time. The quality has nothing to do with a seal wearing out or breaking.

Replacing Glass

Take this opportunity to look at newer and more energy efficient glass units that are filled with argon gas, use are Low-emissivity coatings, are Solar Controlled Tinted, or use better sealing compounds for longer wear. You will find that by upgrading to a more technically-advanced glass unit there will be:

  • Lower Heating and Cooling Bills
  • Reduction in Sound Transmission
  • Better Personal Comfort
  • Increased Strength for Wind Loads

If you are tired of the style, you can replace the entire window or door, but this not a necessity. Replacement glass unit companies are experienced in updating the glass while leaving your frame intact. Upgrading to a better insulated glass unit may appear to have a reduction of light intensity, but most people discover that the comfort level is higher. With solar tinted glass, this is due to the reduction of UV rays that are allowed to penetrate a glass unit that has been manufactured to address the problem of controlling the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays.

Instead of living through a fog of condensation that has built up on your window unit, look into the newly advanced glass units that have evolved over the past few years. The cost is affordable and the comfort level and energy savings are huge. Visit or call a local glass replacement unit today and speak with a representative. They have the knowledge to make the best recommendations for where your window is located, and the type of glass needed.

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