Best tools for hedge trimming and how to use them

Published On August 28, 2015 | Featured, Home

There are a god number of instruments for trimming hedges and doing so efficiently. Here is a list of must-have tools:


  1. Hedge trimmers (Standard ones): Get yourself a standard hedge trimmer that will include machine designs that are hard working and are built for heavy duty trimming like in the use of landscape maintenance and for parks. These can also be used in handy models for private gardens. The maneuverability of these hedge trimmers will allow you to work on hedges that are chest-high as well as waist high with good precision. These heavy duty hedge trimmers are the best tools when you want to make an elaborate topiary.
  2. Petrol-engine powerful hedge trimmers: These give the users unrestricted freedom of movement during work. They do not have long trailing cables which will allow you to work freely without restriction. These are the first choice of trimmers who want quality work done efficiently. For medium sized to small sized gardens, electric hedge trimmers work well and are even equipped with electric motors that have noise cancellation attached. Noise sensitive areas like schools, hospitals where noise can be a major disturbance prefer getting these for their gardens which work well for them. There are a number of cordless and noiseless models that can be very convenient.

How to use a hedge trimmer

Make sure you first cut the hedge vertically I arc shaped sweeping movements. A trimmer with blades on both sides will save you time as it will cut at both times – during downward as well as upward strokes. Click for more information on trimming efficiently using the best tools. You can walk forwards while cutting all along the length.

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