Choose Exceptional Aluminium Windows for Durability Security Aesthetics and Strength

Published On June 21, 2015 | Featured

Aluminium windows are the best options for commercial as well as residential buildings. They are apt for government buildings, schools, restaurants, etc. Thermal aluminium profile has a multi chamber core that helps in sound and thermal insulation. You can choose various glazing types for the windows. A few of them are –

  • Double-glazing – it is available in 24 mm, 28 mm and up to 32 mm.
  • Triple glazing – it is available from 28 mm to 32 mm.

Argon gas glass units

This is a less conductive gas and moves slower than air. This property of glass helps in less transfer of heat through it thus improving the amount of heat in your house.

Low-E Soft Coating Glass

E here stands for emissivity. In this type, the inner panel is coated with low emissivity glass. This helps reflect the heat back, so that heat can be retained in your house.

Warm-Edge Sealed Glass unit

A sealant known as warm edge retains the argon glass into your glass unit for lifetime. It is an exceptional solution.

Warm-Edge Black Swisspacer

This swisspacer is thermally optimised and made up of high insulating composite plastic that is positioned between the two glass panels. To guarantee the leak tightness for gas and vapours, it has a thin steel membrane.

There are also many benefits of aluminium windows –

  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Different colours
  • Increased security levels
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hard surface to resist the weather and denting
  • Meet high standards of water and air filtration
  • Meets architectural specifications
  • Durability
  • Security

Strength is the most prominent factor for aluminium windows and doors. Initially, they were available in only silvers, but these days there are many new options available as per the advance technology, new fabrication systems and also superior thermal properties. Aluminium windows are definitely far better in comparison to the plastic ones. Therefore, they have gained much attention and are commonly used for contemporary and traditional houses.

Slim slit lines of the alumiiniumprofiilid provide great strength. Due to these slim slits, flexibility of the windows can be worked out easily. Also, aluminium is material resistant to different elements, so it does not wrap or rot. It is also the most common framing material because of its good weight to strength ratio.

Aluminium frames are maintenance free and weather resistant too. You can also look for few simple maintenance tips online. Aluminium windows used today are mostly BBA tested, approved and certified by the building industry. For the frames, you can have a choice of multiple colours and also for more aesthetic appeal, and you can go for dual colour style. In this style, you can have the frames in two colour combinations.

For more enhanced interiors and decoration, you choose various coloured window furniture as per the shades of your home. External designs could also be improved with this window furniture. Not only will the frames add up to the beauty of your house, but also different decorative glasses can be used for your side windows or top lights.

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