Cleaning Your Carpet Safely

Published On January 19, 2017 | home improement
When it comes to any kind of cleaning it is important you complete the work as safely as possible. More and more people are moving towards more organic foods and products as well as products high in any type of chemicals. Products that are more friendly for humans to use are on the rise and in the cleaning industry this is true too.
If you are cautious about a particular product high in chemicals due to the smell or perhaps the numerous danger/toxic logos featured on the back of the product, then it is clear you probably don’t want this all over your home, especially if you have pets and children in your property.Image result for Cleaning Your Carpet Safely
For carpet cleaning you can use vinegar and water – that’s all. Take the vinegar and mix with water you want to mix roughly one part vinegar to eight to ten parts water depending on how strong you want the cleaning formula.
Once you have made your solution simply add it to a bottle that will allow you to apply it evenly to your carpet. Next spray the effected area on your carpet and let it sit for a little while before rubbing gently our with a cloth. Vinegar is extremely helpful when removing stains because of its acidic content and it’s also cost effective and most importantly natural. Give it a try and it should most stained areas and help to remove grime around your property. Carpet cleaning has never been so easy!
Another cheap and easy to obtain item to use is baking soda. Baking soda proves to be very good for removing smells from carpets and rugs, especially left from animals and other smelly spillages etc. It is very easy to use baking soda to remove these unpleasant smells. All you need to do it carefully sprinkle the baking soda on the area of the carpet that has absorbed the smell and leave it. By doing this the carpet should smell better in the process of absorbing the baking soda.
Hopefully the above shows that you don’t always need to use high in chemical products. Perhaps you can now try some of these more natural cleaning products, not only are they natural and family and pet friendly but also they are cheap and cost effective.
Enjoy cleaning!

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