Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

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It is important to know the types of fire hazards that may be faced. Fire that involves solid items such as rubber, cloth etc is categorized into class A. Similarly fire that includes liquid such as oil, plastics, paint categorized into class B. Fire that involves gases like hydrogen and natural gas, these are in class C category. Fire is also categorized in to alarms such as one alarm, two alarms and three alarms. So there is no standard definition to it.

Commercial fire sprinkler systems consists of a water supply system and provides adequate pressure to water distributing system. It is commonly used in large commercial buildings and in factories. There are two types of commercial fire sprinkler systems. First type is Wet pipe system; it is the most reliable system as it is very simple to operate with easy operating components. Second type is Dry pipe system, it is installed in ambient spaces where temperature is enough cold to freeze the water. Second type of commercial fire sprinkler is mostly used in unheated building and in parking garages. These systems are a great help in case of emergencies of a fire accident.

Sprinkler Systems

There are different types of systems in it. Alternate systems: these systems comprises of a control valve, good water supply system and sprinkler discharge heads. The alternate fire systems charged with air in winter and with water in summer. Next type, Deluge valve systems: these are designed to protect high fire prone areas with a high heat release rate. Third, Dry valve sprinkler systems: these systems are used to protect warehouses, attic spaces and the areas that are exposed to freezing temperature. Fourth type, Pre-action valve systems: these are basically meant for protection of high value business areas because here electrical equipments are used. Last type is Wet valve sprinkler systems: these systems are used where there is a steady flow of water into the system which is equivalent to the discharge rate of the sprinklers.

Fire and safety equipment consists of carbon monoxide, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. These equipments ensure fire fighting arrangements for more dangerous and intense fires. Their installations are very easy as they have low weight and needs less water consumption and also these equipments are environment friendly.

Further there are many parts of commercial fire sprinkler system: outside stem and yoke also known by (OS&Y), main control valve controls water for whole system, main drains system, post indicator valve (PIV), water flow or air alarms. These systems are divided into five colors according to temperature: 135-170 degrees (Red color), 175-225 degrees (Green color), 250-300 degrees (Blue color), 325-375 degrees (Purple color), 400-650 degrees (Black color).

Chemical storage cabinets are designed to store flammable liquids, pesticides and other hazardous materials. These chemical storage cabinets are used to reduce the risk of fire at your workplace. They serve several functions for the commercials and industrials as it identifies of flammable risks and also improves security with mechanism of locking.

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