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Published On September 30, 2015 | Home, Interior Design

Gardens are interesting spaces. Truly. Front gardens provide the first welcome a home gives upon arriving and rear gardens provide home owner’s with a tiny plot of their very own private slice of earth to do with as the please – as you please.

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Yet, many of us do not take the opportunity to utilise our outdoor spaces effectively, or creatively. Perhaps because Britain being so wet and wild for so much of the year, many of us turn our attention inwards and concentrate our efforts on the interiors of our homes, at the detriment of our outdoor spaces. Whilst understandable in a country in which an average 52% of our days are overcast, it is a real shame – not least because Britain is a country with such an ideal climate for many of the world’s lushest and loveliest plants, flowers and vegetation. What is more, botany isn’t the only way to celebrate an outdoor space.

For those not blessed with green fingers, an outdoor space needn’t spell disaster. Instead, turning an outdoor space from annoyance to a truly relaxing and restorative space is relatively easy. Further, it can even provide a creative outlet as well as result in having created a relaxing, innovative or simply functional space.

How? Well, take a look at the stone circle ‘kits’ provided by R F Landscape Products for example.  Utilising and celebrating some of the finest examples of natural British stone to create a wow factor such as a stone circle can prove a stunning and low maintenance solution and alternative to grass or a myriad of pot plants. Available in different sizes, designs and stone, stone circles are great for front gardens, focussing and drawing the eye in to greet you and your guests with something unique without breaking the bank.

Equally, rear gardens can benefit from the addition of a stone circle in a number of ways. Like front garden spaces, a rear garden stone circle can provide a stunning centre piece to frame the likes of a fountain, ornament, sculpture or even a sundial or BBQ – the choice really is yours. Stone circles can also though create the perfect level and welcoming paving option upon which to place a patio set, mark out an outdoor eating area or provide the perfect grounds to place a bench and provide a home with an outdoor space in which to retreat, muse and enjoy some down time. Hence, for inspiration as to ‘circle themed’ garden spaces of just about every description, Pinterest is a font of photos and ideas. See for yourself by searching circle gardens’ on the Pinterest website.

Continuing with the idea of creating a wow factor, whether you decide to frame a garden centre piece, sculpture, collection of potted plants, wishing well or even your favourite gnome by means of a stone circle, garden ornaments can really make or break an outdoor space, visually at least. The fact is, it can prove difficult to create an all year round wow factor in an outdoor space, or to inject personality and so create an inviting atmosphere. Plants die back, flowers wilt and grass can grow to be a pain in the neck. Hence, and alternatively, a statement garden feature such as an ornament can really set the tone for an outdoor space.


Just take a look at the stunning ‘garden art’ created and commissioned by the artists featured via The Garden Gallery if you don’t believe that garden ornaments and man-made garden features can bring to life an outdoor space just as well as plants and greenery. As well, the ACS Garden website features a really fantastic ‘Art in the Garden’ Guide which makes for an inspiring read whilst also providing a wealth of practical advice, tips and tricks to adding art and ornaments to an outside space to create a stunning centre piece instead of simply an eyesore.

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