Different Types of Home Roofing

Published On October 25, 2016 | home improement

The roof material comes in various forms, and it’s critical to understand all versions in case roofing repair or replacement is necessary.

The asphalt shingles are popular with roofers and homeowners alike. The material lays on top of many homes across the country. Roofers find asphalt shingles the easiest to install. Homeowners enjoy the various styles and colors available along with the low cost and durable material.

Asphalt shingles can withstand any temperature and water formed against it. Use an algae-resistant asphalt shingle as asphalt tends to grow algae through discoloration and fading.Image result for Different Types of Home Roofing


Upscale homes require roofing material that can keep up with the luxury feel, and slate roofing is the answer. Slate is more durable than asphalt (100 years vs. 20-50 years) and the price reflects that.

The expensive material makes up for the price by offering a fire-resistant, rot-proof, easy-maintaining, dark, natural appearance in addition to durability. It comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. The thick, delicate shingle requires a qualified professional for successful installation.


Ceramic roofing tile is the best choice for adding charm and personality to homes. While the lifespan (50-70 years) isn’t as long as slate shingles, it makes up for that by being fade-resistant, durable, and fireproof.


Less maintenance is the main selling point of metal shingles. Metal shingles are very lightweight, eco-friendly, weatherproof, and long lasting (50 years) as well. Choose between stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.

The metal material comes in shake, shingle, tile, and slate form. When metal shingles lose their shine, repainting it is a cost-cutting solution that keeps the roofing material in good shape without replacing it. Like slate, the durable material requires the best contractors to install it successfully.


Eco-friendly activists can choose between metal and wood shingles. Called wood shakes or wood shingles, the roofing material uses recycled wood such as cedar and redwood to create a durable and water-resistant investment lasting at least 30 years.

Wood shingles and wood shakes are handmade, producing a rough result. It requires maintenance to keep the wood in great condition, yet it is second behind asphalt in cost.

Synthetic wood shingles and shakes are wood material mixed with plastic or rubber. The shape resembles wood shakes or wood shingles, yet it is more durable, long lasting (50 years), lightweight, ultraviolet-resistant, and fire-resistant. This is a great alternative to wood while remaining eco-friendly.

Clay and Concrete

Clay tile material is durable, non-combustible, eco-friendly, and long lasting (50+ years). The light and dark shades clay offers can reflect or absorb solar energy, respectively. Like ceramic tile, it adds charm and personality to any home. The heavy clay material requires a professional to install and frame the roof.

Concrete tile is a durable and versatile roofing material that comes in various styles, textures, shapes, and hues. The energy-efficient choice contains clay’s advantages without the expensive price tag. Regardless, both remain more expensive than asphalt and wood.

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