Easy Tasks to Prevent and Resolve Roofing Issues

Published On July 8, 2016 | home improement

The roof is the home’s protection. To prevent its collapse and failure, those roofing contractors in plymouth Michigan have enlisted a few easy tasks that can be done by homeowners to resolve and prevent roofing issues. However, before doing the following steps, make sure that you have thought of your safety first by wearing shoes that have rubber sole to avoid slipping and falling. Remember, doing the fixing right has no short cut.2

  • Spray the entire roofing system: Take a hose to the top and start spraying to know where the leaks are. Never do this during winter because it might not be safe for you to climb, in the first place, and spray water that might cause freezing out.
  • Attend to the gutters:These are the part of the roof where dirt and debris accumulate. Gutters that are congested will allow water to build up and moisture to seep through.
  • Identify dry rot and get rid of it: Dry rot, according to roofing contractors in plymouth Michigan, may not lead to water or moisture problems but is the main factor for lack of ventilation. Dry rot can be caused by deteriorating or sagging plywood. You can prevent this by installing moisture absorbent materials. Soffit vents are very helpful with these issues. Holes can be drilled into the soffit vents to allow air to seep through until the bottom and push hot air out of the system
  • Avoid ice buildup: It is probably during winter that roof maintenance may seem to be the hardest task at hand. There is not much problem when ice accumulates on the roof. However, once the buildup reaches the wall line, expect that interior drip may happen. Installation of drip edge can prevent the drip from seeping though.
  • Inspect the valleys:Most roofing contractors in plymouth Michigan never forget to inspect the valleys as this is where most leaks happen. A valley is the area where two roofs meet. This is where the water com sloshing to and fro during the rainy seasons.

Most roofing issues can be addressed without the help of a professional if regular maintenance is done. Neglect of some small problems can lead to bigger concerns that might cause you to spend more for damages and repair.

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