Finding the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Published On January 26, 2016 | Interior Design

As you’re designing or remodeling your bathroom, you’ll want to consider the lighting that you choose carefully. Your bathroom lighting choice will make a big difference in how easy it is for you to put on makeup or attend to other tasks. Additionally, it helps create an overall aesthetic for your bathroom and adds to its visual appeal.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a sleek and modern bathroom, or a charming vintage one; you should give your bathroom lighting quite a bit of thought and consider the following:

Bathroom Light

Where to Mount Your Lighting

When you’re planning lighting for a bathroom, it’s critical that you choose the right placement for your lights. You can mount vanity lighting over a mirror or beside it. You can opt for overhead lighting,such as canister lights that will illuminate the entire space. Carefully think about what you’ll be doing where in your bathroom, and then choose lights to brighten up these spaces. In general, overhead lighting alone is not usually a good choice because at least one small light by the mirror is beneficial for getting a close look at your face.

Bath Light

How Many Bulbs and What Kind?

The number of bulbs you’ll need for bathroom lighting will depend on the light fixture’s placement. Lighting over a vanity, for instance, usually comes in one to four-light configurations. As you decide how many bulbs you want, think about if you’ll have any other lights in the room. Also, you should choose light bulbs that are energy efficient and have a cool light output. You want to be able to get enough light to show details on your face, but you don’t want your lighting to give you an unnatural look as you apply makeup.

Bathroom Lights

Lighting Style

There are many lighting styles from which to choose, so choose ones that reflect your personal tastes and compliment your bathroom’s décor. Consider whether you prefer modern lights with minimalist bulbs, traditional bronze lighting, clean chrome lights, or funky lighting designs, for instance a seashell light or Parisian chandelier.

The lighting you choose for your bathroom could be what makes your space enjoyable to be in or someplace you can’t wait to leave. Check out for more information on your lighting needs!

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