Fire Rated LED Lights

Published On October 2, 2015 | Featured, Interior Design

When looking to invest in some new LED lights, many people may come across certain lights that are fire rated. While it sounds pretty self-explanatory, it’s understandable that some may not be sure what a fire rated LED light actually does and whether or not they actually need one. Not all LED lights are fire rated, in fact it is only used for one particular light fitting. Fire rated lights are also not necessary in every situation (mostly private homes), but in all cases are always strongly recommended.

Why Would I Need Fire Rated LED Lights?


Anytime a recessed downlight is fitted into a ceiling, the process creates a potential fire hazard. This is due to the fact that these types of LEDs require the ceiling to be cut into, which then exposes the structure of a ceiling to the risk of a fire. A ceiling generally acts as a natural deterrent for a fire, acting as a barrier between floors of rooms. When a hole is cut into the ceiling, this barrier loses its functionality, as a fire can now spread into the hole and therefore between the ceiling.

Inside of a ceiling are a lot of fire risks, so when people live about a ceiling, it must be fire rated to prevent possible damage and risk. So with a hole inside of the ceiling, it is no longer rated and needs fire rated LED lights to return it to a safe standard that is fire rated. Otherwise if a fire were to spread into the ceiling thanks to down light, it could burn away wooden ceiling joints and comprise the entire structure much quicker if it is not fire rated.

Building regulation codes will give an idea whether they are a requirement by law, but even if they are not, they are well worth the investment regardless.  Any time there is different residents staying accommodation above the ceiling of a home, fire rated lights are a must if installing LED downlights.

Anyone looking for LED downlights should ensure they are fire rated regardless of necessity. It maintains the integrity of the ceiling in the event of a fire, and prevents the quick spreading of a fire in a home, which could be a life saver.

What Do Fire Rated LED Lights Do?

Should someone decide to fit recessed downlights, it is within their best interest to ensure they are fire rated. This is due to the fact that having drilled into a ceiling to for the lights; the fire rated ceiling has now been compromised.

Having a fire rated LED allows for the ceiling to be uncompromised through the downlights. This is because the lights have a special substance inside them known as anintumescent pad that helps to block the spreading of a fire in the ceiling.

The intumescent pad expands when reaching certain temperatures, which can then block the expose areas of the ceiling from the fire. This can delay or prevent the fire from spreading, ensuring that the ceiling and building is safe and keeps its structural integrity in the event of a fire spreading.

What Type of Fire Rate LED LightsisThere?

They are only needed for downlights due to the fact these are cut into the ceiling. They come with different ratings of 30, 60 and 90 minutes, with different types required for different types of buildings and the amount of floors they have. Each fire rated downlight has been tested to withstand fire for the stated time limit, exposure to the fire will last within the type stated on the light displayed.

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