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Published On August 21, 2015 | Home

We’ve all had the same thoughts; that DIY job at home you know needs doing but you just can’t be bothered to get the tool box out from the back of the garage. It just seems like too much hassle for a job that will only take a few minutes to complete.

There is however a much easier way of going about it. You won’t need to find that pack of screws you bought last month but are now in such a safe place you can’t actually find them. What you do need is a tube of Soudal Fix All High Tack Adhesive and the job will be done in no time at all. Just slot into a Heavy Duty Skeleton Gun, slice off the end of the tube with a sharp knife and you can begin the job; it’s as simple as that.


A Strong, Flexible Adhesive

This type of adhesive can fix or bond any number of different materials such as plastic, metal, terracotta or ceramic to almost any surface successfully and has to be one of the best time-saving solutions to the DIYer or in the building trade. So, if you want to quickly fix up a sign on the wall in your business premises then reach for a tube of this highly effective adhesive. If you want to fix a mirror in your bathroom but don’t want the inconvenience of drilling the tiles, this product will do the job for you. And what about your new post box that needs attaching to the wall outside your front door?

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Easier Than Getting Out Your Drill

It will be far easier to attach it using this type of adhesive than getting out your drill and finding your screws. The beauty of this product is that it will also fill in any gaps if your wall is uneven, and if it needs painting then that can be done immediately even with water based paints.

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