From Masterpieces to Maintenance, How Arborists Can Help Reinvigorate Your Yard

Published On January 3, 2017 | Moving

You might hold the belief that one’s home is one’s castle, or that it’s akin to a blank canvas or an unmoulded lump of clay. Whatever analogy you choose, however, one thing is simply undeniable, and that’s that your home can be and, for many people, is the source of creativity. Most of us take great pride in the homes we create. You don’t just want a home that’s nice; you want one that is a masterpiece! Of course, there are also the many tasks which go into homemaking that are less akin to a masterpiece than maintenance. Tree removal is one such task, and one of the most prominent at that.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering tree removal in Perth, WA.

Age and Type of Tree

For starters, you’ll want to tell any tree landscapers what type of tree you have and how old it is. Both of these factors can have a significant impact on the tree removal process. If you are unsure of either or even both of these facts, let the tree landscapers know and they will send a team out to do an estimate of their own. Arborists are specially trained to recognise many different types of trees and likewise know the different protocols for removing different trees at different stages of their lifecycles.

Status of Tree

You’ll also want to consider the status of the tree. Is it sturdy and in good shape? Then chances are good that it’ll require some heavy-duty equipment to fully remove it. Is it more sick and elderly? That might make it easier to remove but also raises the possibility of rot and other tree diseases which can infect patches of your yard. And then there’s always the possibility of termites and other pests, which you definitely do not want moving out of a fallen tree and into your home! Arborists know how to check for all of this and more and will do so to ensure that your tree is removed in as orderly a way as possible.

Removal vs. Replanting

Are you getting rid of an old and possibly diseased tree with the intention of replacing it with a new one or are you simply looking to clear up space? If the answer is the former, you can look into options whereby tree landscapers replace old trees with new ones, reinvigorating your yard in one fell swoop.

Experienced Landscapers

Of course, all of this requires a green thumb and a seasoned hand when it comes to landscaping expertise. Your yard is extremely important to you and you certainly don’t want it botched due to inexperience or incompetence. That means trusting your landscaping work to a team you can trust with years or even decades worth of experience to their credit and a history of glowing customer satisfaction.

You want your yard to look as good as possible and that means getting the best possible help. Whether you want it to look like a masterpiece or simply want maintenance done, look into high-quality tree landscaping work by expert arborists today.

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