Hot Tub Cleaners And Chemicals: How To Store Them Correctly

Published On August 23, 2015 | Featured

Keeping the water in your hot tub or spa clean is extremely important. It’s something you need to do and if you want to extend the life of your hot tub and keep yourself and family safe then you can’t avoid it. But where and how should you store these products? We’ve teamed up with Aqua Spa Supplies, one of the UK’s leading hot tub supplies retailers, to find out more.


Away From Children…

Probably the most obvious one would be well away from any children. Young children and chemicals do not go together well and can easily cause accidental harm or injury. So, if your family are young and don’t understand the dangers, keep all products like these well out of reach. A locked shed or garage is ideal where you can keep them together in a lidded plastic box for easy access when needed. Pay particular attention to wiping the bottle clean after use so that the products won’t cross contaminate each other.

Away From Moisture…

Despite the fact that their end use will be in your hot tub or spa, always remember also that products such as Bromine Tablets or Chlorine Tablets deteriorate if allowed to get damp so make sure they are kept away from moisture to extend their shelf life.

In A Lockable Unit…

If locking them away in a shed or garage is not convenient you could always invest in a lockable cabinet or cupboard instead which can be kept perhaps in a utility area or cellar; just remember to keep the key away from curious young ones.

Get Inventice…

If there are no young children around then more options will be open to you. For a cheap solution why not store the bottles in a shoe organiser; the type you can hang up with individual sections. Everything will be on hand and will be easy to see.

Tub 1

In the warmer months when damp is not so much of a problem then why not store your chemicals in your hot tub or spa steps. Take a look at a set of Smart Steps which are available in a variety of colours to which you can add a Smart Drawer or two to provide the ideal space for your products.

At the end of the day, it’s absolutely vital that you clean your hot tub properly, however just as important is keeping the chemicals stored properly when not being used! a

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