How bi-folding doors can give your home a new lease of life

Published On January 20, 2017 | home improement


Your home could be virtually rejuvenated, simply by installing the right kind of doorway or two. Make your living space bloom out with the landscape. Having wide-open doors, such as bi-folding doors, will change your perspective on your own home. Not only do bi-folding doors add real quality of life value to your home, they will also usually raise your property’s resale value.

  • New Technology Expands Uses

With all the new technologies being applied to building materials, it is now possible to choose from a list of different types of bi-fold doors. Though they stand tall, folding them is as easy as operating any type of door. They are so well balanced with smooth rolling bearings, that even a small child can easily slide. The panels glide along while they automatically folding completely flat to the side of the doorway. Here are the most popular types of bi-fold doors:

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  • Garden Doors of 2 folding panels
  • Patio doors of 4 folding panels
  • Veranda Doors of 6 folding panels
  • Room Expanders of 8 folding panels

  • Join The Open Lifestyle

Having bi-fold doors installed in your home, you will experience a new openness in your lifestyle. First steps towards installing bi-fold doors is to ensure that you have a full home inspection when buying your home, see home inspection experts at Pro Plus Homes for further details. The level of building security such modern doors provide is significant. They are complexity and it is recommended to never DIY install them. You will be much happier in the end, and without too heavy an expense, when professionals install your bi-fold doors.

  • Match Your Decor

You should spend some time picking out doors that not only function well for a new way living of living, but also coordinate with your decor. The knobs that come with the doors may not be to your liking. It is recommended that you pick out the door pulls that you want and install those on your new bi-fold doors.


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