How Glass Table Tops Will Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Published On March 12, 2017 | Furniture Guide

When you are buying furniture for your home or office, it is best to get quality furniture that will last you for a lifetime. The only thing that would make you change the furniture is when you want to get a new design or give it away but not because it got damaged.  A table of which most are made from wood are exposed to a lot of things and they wear and tear fast, get scratched, or have glass rings, get dented, or spills and stains cause a lot of damages that is why they need to be protected.  One way of protecting a table is by having a glass top.

A glass table top is a piece of glass that has been placed on a stand to form the actual table surface. It is a durable, tough layer that doesn’t overshadow the wood and it will always look new just like you first bought it even several years down the line. Over the years, the glass tops have changed from the thick obstructive pieces to clear, thin and streamlined pieces and with various beautiful designs to enhance the wood and the beauty of the table.  There are various types of tabletop glass in Worcester, Massachusetts that you can choose from for whichever room that you want to place the furniture in.

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Glass tops can extend the life of your furniture as they offer protection against harsh man-made materials which are harmful to wood.  Glass is scratch resistant so you will not need to replace the furniture again every few years, unlike when the top that is made of wood will look a bit ugly with scratches.  It will take many years before you replace the glass.

The glass tops also protect the wood against harmful UV rays from the sun, which make the wood chip and turn color so the glass will make it last a bit longer. The tempered glass top protectors are especially good for patio tables which are exposed more to the sun.

Glass tops enhance the look of wood finish by making the wood grain appear glossier and richer.  It can make low quality wood grains appear more luxurious and you can use glass for a DIY project by placing it on a wooden trunk or barrel.

The glass is easy to clean by using a clean cloth and water or a glass cleaner and will make the glass clean and shiny.  Cleaning every few days will make the glass to be sparkling clean. Wiping off some stains from wood requires special cleaning and polishing products and at times it may be difficult to remove and may cause damage to the wood or remove the top paint coat.

You can have custom made glass tops that will make a simple wooden table look more exquisite. Whatever design or purpose of the table, you can have it made for you. You will get clear, tinted, and plain, tempered, polished and mirror glass in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Having glass table top is a worthy investment for long lasting furniture. Get one today and give your space a versatile look.  


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