How to Choose an Interior Door  

Published On December 10, 2015 | Home Interior

The doors of your home serve more than their purpose of protection and privacy; they play an important role in how your home actually looks. So, while choosing the interior doors it is important that you consider all the aspects and opt for one that meets with your taste as well as your needs. When it comes to picking interior doors you have endless number of options and the huge variations actually make the task of picking the right one more complicated. However, if you take a planned path from beginning choosing the perfect interior door can be real fun.


Start with deciding the style of the door

This is surely the first thing that you need to decide keeping in mind the interior of your home and your taste. For example, a big door will not look that good on a small room. If your home has an ethnic inspired interior adding an ornate door to it is surely a better choice than a modern looking glazed door.

Decide the swing

You can opt for a right hand or a left-hand swing in a door and depending on your this decision the handles will be placed on the door. Ideally, a door should not open to a corridor or hall room and you need to keep these basic rules in mind while deciding the swing.


Take care of the framing

If you are buying a slab door most probably it will not come with a frame and you need to use the right quality material in the right way to make the framing for giving the door the right look. If you are planning to install a heavy real wood dooryou should have similar type of door frame ready for the installation.


Door type

Doors can be installed in different ways and depending on the type of door you chose the other factors will vary. Sliding doors, pocket doors, folding doors, flash doors, panel doors and French doors are some of the common options in this aspect.

Door material

Deciding the material of the door is surely another big point to consider. Solid wood doors can be made from a wide variety of woods, and all of them will give different look and finish. The latest Glazed Oak Interior Doors can also make a good option. MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard made doors are also gaining popularity. Hollow core and solid core materials make the other options. You can also opt for metal or glass doors depending on your choice and needs.


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