How To Deal With Your Christmas Clutter

Published On December 2, 2015 | Home

 Christmas is a time of giving gifts and as much as we love receiving and giving them, they do create problems, rubbish. Not only do you find yourself with rooms full of card, polystyrene casing, and trees of shredded wrapping paper, there is the problem of waste food and if you have kids, the issue of last years toys they suddenly don’t care about.

Obviously this stuff isn’t going to fit in your weekly wheelie bin, and there is no guarantee the tip is going to accept everything you need to move on. There is also the moral dilemma of being as economical as possible and finding the best way to recycle as much of your waste. If these are the headaches you suffer every year then fear not, here are a few tips too make sure your Christmas clear out goes as smooth as possible.

Food waste

It was reported last year in the Mail that in Britain alone we throw away the equivalent of 4.2 million dinners worth of food on Christmas day alone, that’s not taking into account anything following the big day. Obviously this is a shocking statistic and could be even more so this year following the Syrian refugee crisis. With that in mind what can you do to better dispose of your food?

Well the first and cheapest option is to better manage what you buy, avoid the attitude of “better to have too much than too little”. Come New Years day when you have 26 mince pies left that no one in the family is interested in you realise you have massively overshot it.


Another option is to look into creating compost from any actual waste you still end up with. Plenty of food can be used as compost to use in your garden or a family or friends garden if growing produce isn’t your forte.

In these increasingly tough times there is also the charitable option. Perhaps you overdo it this Christmas and buy too much, don’t consider throwing away perfectly good, in date food. Search for your local food bank because there are plenty people worse off than you this Christmas who could well be worrying about putting anything on the table, never mind buying too much.

Packaging and bigger waste

The biggest contributor to our wheelie bins every year is packaging and old furniture. From kids toys to a new pair of socks for your Grandfather, everything has packaging and it can be very overwhelming, and that’s before you consider the tree. It is very important to consider what exactly you are throwing away, and what can be recycled.

The majority of our packaging will be wrapping paper and cardboard, both of which can be recycled, so if your council supplies you with a recycle bin, use it to your hearts content. If your council doesn’t then a trip to the nearest recyclable bin should be a must.

The big problem comes in the form of furniture or any bigger pieces’ waste. Perhaps you have a new sofa for Christmas or have begun redoing the bathroom, that is big pieces of waste that aren’t going to fly with the bin men.

One solution is to hire private waste disposal in the form of a skip. They come in a range of sizes and are more flexible than your council at what they can accept. Companies like Reds Skip Hire are a good example of this.

If it is furniture you are looking to move on but it is still in good condition, then another option you have is to donate it to charity. Similarly, to donating your clothing, books and accessories you can donate furniture, sites like the Furniture Donation Network are a great place to start.

Unwanted Toys

As Christmas approaches any parent of young children will know there are boxes of toys that your lovely little nippers are no longer interested in, especially as Christmas and their new toys are on the horizon. Depending on the condition of these toys there are a couple of options you have. The first could be to chuck them into the skip you have already hired to shift your broken bed and sofa provided the toys are broken too.

If the toys are still perfectly fine but your children have either grown out of them or have simply lost interest, you can always go down the charity route instead of condemning them to landfill. Barnardo’s are one of the most established children’s charities in the UK and not only do they accept used toy donations in store, they have linked up with retailer Argos to put together a used toy exchange this Christmas to raise money for children.

These are just some of the options you have to make the most of your Christmas clutter and leave you to enjoy your festive period with as little rubbish based stress as possible.

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