How To Ensure Your Tools Of The Trade Are Kept Safe

Published On September 19, 2015 | Home

If like many people you have invested a considerable amount of time into building up your business and buying the various tools needed to carry out your work, the very last thing you need is them being stolen. So how do you minimise the risk of this happening?

The most obvious one is not to leave expensive tools and equipment unattended for any length of time. So, if you need to leave the working area make sure either someone is on hand to keep an eye on them or make sure they are locked away securely. Placing them in the back of a van or other vehicle is ok as a short term measure but needs something much more secure if left for any length of time. Consider purchasing an Armorgard Strongbank Van Box for peace of mind when you need to leave your tools. Constructed from 3mm steel with twin internal 5 lever mortice deadlocks and reinforcing bars both inside and out, this box will provide the best form of security for your possessions when needed. It measures a generous 1035 x 585 x 475 mm so will have plenty of room for most items.


When you’ve finished for the day, how to ensure your tools are kept safe overnight? It’s not a good idea to leave expensive tools in the back of any vehicle overnight. After all, if the vehicle is stolen then so are your tools so consider an Amorgard Strongbank Site Box at your property to ensure things are kept safe overnight. If the box is located in an outside building then make sure you do everything you can to ensure high levels of security by making use of good quality padlocks and security chains such as the Cobra 11 Security Chain and Lock to make unauthorised access difficult. After all; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In addition, if it’s at your home you’re keeping your tools rather than at a commercial premises, why not take a look at this infographic put together by MPL Locksmith Training?

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