How to Make Round Rugs Work for You?

Published On January 12, 2016 | Home, Home Interior, Interior Design

There can be no doubt that home décor is one of the great pervasive domestic artistries down through the ages.  It features in everything from light comedy to heavy, thoughtful drama, with everyone from Virginia Woolf’s Clarissa Dalloway to Deborah and Marie Barone bickering about it on Everybody Loves Raymond Round rugs have been a staple of home décor since who-knows-when, and can run the gamut from tasteful to tacky to absolutely terrible.

So, how can you pull off round rugs without having the come across as cliché or an untenable eyesore?


For starters, you’re going to want to be sure to balance prominence with pertinence.  On the one hand, you want to be sure that whatever kind of rug you buy is at least somewhat prominent in the room.  That doesn’t mean it has to be a loud, obnoxious item, but it should be at least somewhat visible and characteristic—otherwise, what’s the point?  On the other hand, measuring that prominence against décor pertinence is an absolute must.  Sure, chrome blue or orange and aqua marina are going to show up prominently in any room, but will it really be for the right reasons?

A popular design aesthetic is to have your round rug underneath or otherwise touching all the main pieces of furniture in a room.  Having a table and chair set or a living room setup all cushioned and offset by a charming round rug can really give a room a sense of symmetry, as if it’s all “coming together” within that soft circular boundary.

Round rugs can also be used to accentuate the nature of curved furniture.  After all, home décor is all about using different elements of furniture to play off one another and product the maximum effect.

To that end, you can use a round rug to really bring out the character in a minimally designed room.  Minimalism is a design aesthetic that’s really been taking off in the past few years for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being the fact that with total incomes stagnating in several states and provinces in the US and Canada, a Minimalist approach allows you to create an impressive home décor without breaking the bank or conversely seeming overly ostentatious.

Add to that the fact that there’s nothing quite like an exotic round rug to bring a bit of flavor into an otherwise minimalist room, and you have a great recipe for an even better décor.

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