How to Unclog a Drain Using Drain Snake

Published On June 19, 2015 | Featured

A drain snake is a coiled spiral pipe like structure that is usually ¼ inch thick and can bend very easily. Moreover, there is a handle or a point to attach drill machine on one end of this pipe. You can rotate the pipe using the handle or the drill. It is also known as drain auger.

A drain auger bends inside the pipes very easily and reaches the clogs or the deposits in the pipes that are blocking the flow of water. The deposit of food items, building material and other hard materials, which do not soften, usually clogs the drain. They don’t move even when pushed by water.

Toronto drain cleaning service providers are the experts in using the drain snake and here is the procedure they use to clean the drain using a drain auger.


Check if the auger is handheld or drill machine before you insert the auger. For a handheld auger, you will not need anything. However, for a drill machine auger, you will need a drill machine and an electric point to plug in the machine. It is recommended to use a drill machine auger for old blockages and if the pipe is very long.


Insert the auger or the drain snake into the pipe. You need to keep pushing it inside until it hits the clog. You should have some idea about the length of the auger that will go inside to hit the clog. Sometimes, the snake might be stuck at a bend. You should be able to determine whether it is stuck in the bend or reached the clog.


You will need to keep pushing till you hit the clog, usually a clog is a little soft than the pipe and you can actually sense and tell the difference between the snake hitting a clog or the pipe. This task is easy if you have experience, but an inexperienced person will find it very difficult to feel the difference.


When you hit the clog, start rotating the snake. There are two possibilities – the snake will break the clog or the clog will get attached to the head of the snake. In both the cases, you need to rotate the snake for a while. This will either completely break down the clog or will firmly attach the clog to the snake and make it free to move. Now, you will need to pull back the snake.


Use full force of water to drain the dirt and to test the clog. If the clog is cleared, the water will flow seamlessly, but if the clog is still there and is broken, the huge flow of water will wash away the clog. Let the water flow for a while to make sure the pipe is completely clear.

In order to clear the drain using a snake, you will need to have a little patience. The snake might be stuck at turns or the clog might resist coming out of the pipe. It is recommended to get professional help to unclog your drain. DIY activity might increase your expenditure.

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