How you can Install Hardwood Floor – Tips

Published On March 4, 2015 | Flooring Tips

Install Hardwood Floor – Step-by-step

Hardwood floor is a very common kind of flooring in lots of houses today. With the development of advanced materials and technology it may be put on the concrete floor. It ought to be applied with proper handling and preparation.

A wood floor in the home can give a hot and appealing turn to the home. People who wish to use a hardwood floor around the concrete can do the installation to provide beauty towards the home which is also lengthy lasting.

Step One

The preparation needed to set up a hardwood floor would be to keep your wooden flooring in your home a minimum of per week to ensure that it’ll acclimate for your houses temperature.

Step Two

Next you need to clean the concrete floor. You have to make certain the concrete floor is totally dry. Wooden flooring can’t be put on the concrete floor that is new, only concrete that is over the age of 60 days. Look into the base to locate any rough or high spots. You might to make use of the sander and will need to sand lower our prime or rough spots to really make it level. Then you definitely must clean the dust or sand within the floor.

Step Three

The next thing is to use the moisture barrier having a fresh paint curler. Using the moisture barrier using the fresh paint curler will seal the concrete and can safeguard the hardwood floor. You have to then leave something to dry not less than 16 hrs.

Thing to remember

The easiest method to use a hardwood floor would be to start close to wall. Make sure to use the adhesive towards the concrete floor directly. You will want to put the wood around the adhesive pressing directly. It is advisable to do this again process by pressing each board against one another. You could use mineral spirits around the soft rag to get rid of the surplus adhesive from the top of wooden flooring. It’s suggested to depart as much as 1/4 gap between your wall and wooden flooring. This gap is required for that changes of temps but for the expansion of all the surfaces.

Final Steps

After finishing cellular phone process you need to walk lightly and appearance whether all the boards have stuck towards the adhesive. Make certain that you don’t allow any traffic on the ground even though it is placed for drying out. Nobody should walk on the ground not less than for 12 hrs. After the entire process of drying out is finished you’ll then nail a quarter inch round molding towards the wall to fill the joint. Finally, make certain to wash track of the mineral spirits.

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