Improve Your Hot Tub Experience With A Fragrance

Published On September 26, 2016 | home improement

Whilst everyone would agree that using a hot tub or spa is an extremely pleasant experience, there are ways of increasing the enjoyment with no amount of effort at all. If you add a fragrance to the water you’ll be able to create a range of different moods or even increase the therapeutic benefits that a hot tub or spa can offer. Take a look at the types and variety of fragrances on offer from

The most simple way of adding a fragrance to the water is in the form of Spazazz Beads. These are available in a choice of fragrances in the tropical fruits range such as Fijiapple or Jamaicanilla to revitalise your body and mind. They can also be used in other ways such as placing the net bag in your car to enjoy whilst driving or sprinkling the beads on your carpet before vacuuming to fragrance the home.Image result for Improve Your Hot Tub Experience With A Fragrance

A great way of enhancing the therapeutic benefits of the water is to add a product from the Spazazz RX Therapy range. So if you’re suffering from painful muscles or aches and pains then try the Muscle Therapy. If your joints are giving you pain and are swollen then try out the Joint Therapy to help reduce inflammation. These are all natural blends that contain a variety of vitamins as well as arnica and calendula to replenish the body and allow healing to begin.

If you’re already hooked on the great benefits of using Spazazz products then you’ll be pleased to know they come in a large 22oz size that will last for ages. They are all produced for spa and hot tub use so won’t cause damage to the components due to them being oil free. They are also excellent at counteracting the drying effect of the water on your skin with their natural moisturising properties.

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