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Live and Let Live – Save Earth by Salvaging Old Furniture

Published On October 26, 2015 | Home

The rise in population has increased the demand for various products. This raise is causing damage to the environment. There are several people who are taking up the responsibility to protect environment in any possible way.

The seriousness of this matter is communicated through guiding people to reuse, recycle and donate an old or unused home furnishings, clothes, etc. This reduces the amount of garbage created by every individual.

There are several institutions that are into repairing and polishing of kasutatud mööbel or used furniture, in order to make them usable for the others. Such items are called Green products.

What is the concept of green furniture?

Making home furnishings that are environment friendly are called Green furniture. These are made through the raw materials that have scope of being used again or recycled. Using such furniture has created a unique genre for corporate social responsibility.

These days, environment conscious citizens use paints, power and fuel, which are non toxic in nature, and do no harm. This does not mean that they compromise on the standards of usability, stability and style.

Old Furniture

The benefits of using old, recyclable and environment friendly furniture are as follows:-

  1. Money is the biggest motivating factor and buying an old piece definitely saves money.
  2. By selling a used piece of furniture with a purpose for it to be recycled, you avoid adding to the already created land pollution.
  3. You take a lot from Mother Nature everyday, and it’s your responsibility to give her back all that you took away from it.
  4. An expensive piece may be bought at probably half the price, if it is secondhand or used.
  5. Manufacturing new furnishings means cutting down of more trees, which eventually leads to deforestation. This can be prevented and levels of global warming can be efficiently reduced, if we all acted wisely.
  6. For upholstery many use leather. However, now a trend has been introduced that encourages the use of faux leather. This effort saves money, and stops animal abuse.
  7. For making sofa covers, organically produced cotton is used, which is the latest trend. Organic cotton does not have pesticide and insecticide application, and that’s why it is non-toxic. Fabrics like these are recyclable and can keep an infant safe.
  8. Earlier, bamboo made home furnishings was quite in demand. This is because the wood does not shrink or expand, especially for places with extreme humid climate. No jamming of doors and windows anymore with use of Bamboo.
  9. You may even donate your furniture to the needy. There are many companies that get donated with a lot of furniture often. They in turn fix and renew each furniture pieces, so that it can be reused by the less fortunate.

Always check your furniture yourself before you re-sell, re-use or donate. So, take a first step and make your contribution to the society and the environment to make the world a better place for everyone. Practice reuse and recycle, and set an example for the future generation.

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