Make Sure You Have The Right Protection For The Job

Published On June 16, 2016 | Featured

Protecting yourself from injury and danger is a high priority when it comes to carrying out jobs around the home. Injuries can easily happen if you let your mind wander and your concentration lapse so it’s important to make sure you don’t get distracted. Of course there are many different products and items out there which will ensure you are protected from some of the most common injuries; just make sure you use them every time. We’ve teamed up with Edwardes to take a look at the right protection for the job.

Of course it may not be just an injury you want to protect yourself from. If you are working with a substance that may be difficult to remove from your skin then maybe wearing a pair of latex gloves may be sufficient, however, if the job you are doing requires dexterity then perhaps an alternative may be better. Draper manufacture Close Skin Fit Gloves which are both lightweight and versatile and come with non-slip polyurethane coated palms and an elasticated wristband and are suitable for a wide range of jobs.2

If you are working with bricks or other hard materials you may find a pair of Riggers Gloves better suited to the job or if you are working in wet conditions then perhaps a pair of Wet Work Gloves which are PVC coated may be a better option.

Eyes can be particularly prone to damage from flying debris and dust so make sure yours are properly protected with a pair of Safety Goggles or a pair of Wraparound Safety Glasses which will protect from a low energy impact. Make sure you go for the type that feature cushioned temple pads for superior grip and comfort.

Of course not all accidents can be avoided but if you wear the correct protection each time you are carrying out work then you are limiting the chances of a more serious injury occurring.

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