Marketing Strategy Guide for Improving Your Real Estate Agency

Published On October 14, 2016 | Real Estate


One of the advantages of being in the real estate business is that you sell a product that everybody needs, or homes to be precise. So, even though the demand for homes is constant, you still face a variety of different problems, like an extremely competitive market for example. Another issue you will encounter is economy-related. Since the state of the economy is fluctuating, the constant ebb and flow strongly affects your sales rate and prices.

Since real estate agencies are prone to facing many challenges, it would be good to have a good strategy to keep the clients coming. Considering, you are selling a product that someone doesn’t buy on daily basis, you can’t create regular customers, and you basically need to impress any potential buyer.

Here we will discuss some of the marketing strategies you can implement in order to increase the chances of making a sale. Also, we will go over how to treat potential leads, and how to increase your visibility in order to attract more potential buyers.

Having a quality website

This goes for any line of work in general: having a website is a must nowadays for quite apparent reasons. The problem is that people tend to create a website just for the sake of having one, and this is a terrible approach. In fact, if you are going to do a sloppy job in this department then better avoid doing it at all, since it will only do more harm than good.

Your website is your online representation, and if it is not designed professionally, if the visitors have a hard time navigating, and if it is too slow ,then you won’t have any chances of winning over your potential buyers.

The first thing you should ensure is a fast loading speed, since slow websites have an exceptionally high bounce rate. This problem is either related to your web hosting provider or to your website’s theme. You need to have a web hosting provider that will upload your site on numerous servers and with good uptime speed, if your visitors are to have a good time. Also, see to it that the theme you are using is a fast theme, because it also impacts the loading time and, in turn, your ranking.

Social media marketing3

Once you have sorted out all of the issues related to your website, you’ll need to find a way to bring people there, and the best way to do it is via social media marketing. However, you need to have quality content on your website in the first place, so that you can share it on social networks.

The first thing you must do in order to gain sharable content is to use a high definition camera to create images and videos of the houses you are selling. Use photo editing software to improve image quality and add some filters, and use 360 cameras when you create videos.

As far as networks go, you can spread your influence on almost all of the famous social media websites. With quality images, you can easily create content for both Pinterest and Instagram. Your videos can be posted on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, and if you have written content, and you should, you can also post it there.

LinkedIn is also a viable network for reaching out; you can advertise office space there, for example. The important thing to remember is to be active on social networks and to answer any questions that your potential clients might send you.

Real estate agency software

Here’s a really useful business accessory or asset – real estate agency software. Once you acquire it, the whole organization within the agency will be a lot smoother. First of all, you get to track all of the relevant elements that impact your job, like prices, location etc.

Then it allows you to compile a database of all of the potential customers. In other words, if you currently don’t have what they want, you can give them a call once something comes up. And since software can archive all of your relevant contacts, they will be easily accessible.

With this you will have a clear overview of potential future moves and you’ll know when to act. You need to be careful though, as there are numerous real estate agency software solutions out there. These are not all low quality tools, but some of them might be harder to navigate than you’d expect. So, in order to select the software that will meet your demands, you should sign up for a trial period and try it out.

In case trying out every possible software is too tiresome, you can lower your potential candidates by going through customer feedback and reviews. Go through real estate agency software reviews and see what other people had to say and how they evaluated a particular provider. This will help you decide which real estate tool you can use.

Getting emails of potential buyers3

In order for you sales strategy to work you’ll have to obtain the emails of your potential buyers. This way you can stay in touch with them and inform them whenever a new home that they might be interested in appears on the market.

However, obtaining the email might not be that easy; sure if the client is meeting you in person than you’ll exchange contact information, but if you’ve never met your potential buyer, then knowing how to contact them will be almost impossible. We are referring to the buyers who visited your website and never reached out to ask you anything.

What you want to do is persuade any visitor to become a subscriber, so that they will be updated whenever something new comes up. Simply, offer some sort of gift, or some sort of discount for those who are registered users; this way you give them a reason to take some time and register. Also, make sure your subscribe incentive is clearly visible, but do not be too pushy with it.

Start a real estate blog

Finally, if you are to increase your website’s visibility and if you also want quality sharable material, then your website will need a blog section. The articles need to be niche-related and they need to be high quality as well. Meaning, you need to have useful information related to real estate and you need to use adequate keywords to increase your visibility.

Additionally, you should use topic-relevant keywords as well, since google tends to rank your content based on relevancy, and expects to see these keywords surrounding your primary keyword. The length of the article needs to be around 1500 words.

Use quality links to backup the information in your articles, and make sure you blog on other platforms as well. Try to get as many external links that lead to your site as possible, as it will increase your ranking, and bring more people as well.

As you can see, these are quite easy tweaks that are proven to work. So, try to implement them as soon as possible, and you are bound to witness an increase in interest. As long as you do the rest of the job right you can look forward to a more lucrative period for your real estate agency.

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