Perfect Pavers: Leading The Way To Beautiful Outdoors Areas

Published On January 17, 2017 | home improement

For most homeowners, the exterior of their home is just as important as the interior when it comes to finding designs that are functional, durable, and look amazing.Many people are finding that pavers are a great way to achieve something wonderful to marvel at outdoors.

Whether the exterior space in question is something small and cozy like a fire pit, or whether it’s something on a grander scale like paving around a large swimming pool, pavers can be produced from a good range of materials into several different patterns that can satisfy many desired projects.

Among the options for pavers outside are stones such as travertine (which is a type of limestone), slate, and quartzite, which is made by subjecting quartz crystals to high heat and pressure. All three types of stone have their own benefits. But all of them are durable materials and they can all withstand being subjected to the changing elements, an essential requirement outside.Image result for Perfect Pavers: Leading The Way To Beautiful Outdoors Areas

One popular look is flagstone, with its paving slabs of different shapes and colors to create an interesting and unique floor. By combining different pavers colored with brown, gold, and gray, it can resemble something rustic that would work even in a city-center home. The same material can also be used for wall coverings so the floor seamlessly flows up to outside walls.

Alternatively, travertine remains a hugely popular material for outside paving projects.

By using honed travertine pavers – which means the pavers have been ground down to a flat and smooth surface – it’s possible to create a sweeping, gorgeous entertaining area outside. Good options for color scheme include a soft white that can work with almost any furniture or other feature.

Some homes have huge exteriors with large, dominating features like swimming pools. Pavers are another great option here because they can produce a beautiful edge around a pool. Consider using beige travertine pavers to line the edges of the pool. This sturdy stone can withstand the splashes and heavy foot traffic poolside, and the color scheme looks beautiful all year round.

Quartzite provides yet another option for outside pavers.

For example, consider using stacked stone panels – literally stacking similar-sized panels of quartzite on top of each other – to provide a covering around an outside fire pit. A blend of white, gold and gray panels works wonders here, and even better the same stone and color scheme can be used to build out the floor around the fireplace so that everything matches visually.

One more great option for quartzite pavers is to use large same-sized square or rectangular paving slabs in grays, yellows, browns, and whites, which is a warm and welcoming look. Similarly, this color scheme can also be used for stacked stone walls that will match with the flooring.

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