Perfect Porcelain: Great Choice for Paving Outdoor Spaces

Published On March 22, 2017 | home improement

Homeowners looking to create a beautiful outside space with paving tiles might be turned off by the idea because of the potentially high costs involved with natural stone like granite or marble. Luckily, porcelain pavers offer a way to achieve practically the same look but at a much lower cost.

Porcelain is a dense and durable man-made material that can be produced in a wide range of colors, patterns and designs. Almost anything someone could imagine can be made into porcelain pavers, whether it’s using porcelain pavers in a solid white color to resemble marble, or even having the pavers made to resemble hardwood flooring but with none of the stress of having wooden floors.Image result for Perfect Porcelain: Great Choice for Paving Outdoor Spaces

People are often swayed to using porcelain because of these benefits, and also because porcelain pavers are incredibly resilient. They don’t require frequent sealing to protect against damage from spills, and they will retain their factory-produced color longer than actual stone or other materials. All these benefits mean that the only really difficult choice is picking the right design.

As mentioned above, one option is to use porcelain pavers that are produced to look just like real wood. It’s possible to get paving tiles resembling light brown wood right down to mimicking the look of actual knots in the wood – but without the cost and maintenance requirements of wood. Porcelain will also resist damage from regular wear and tear much better than wood.

Another way to make the floor resemble wood is to use pavers colored with light shades of brown, white and green to look like the floor is made from reclaimed wood that might be found at a furniture store, except once again at a far lower price tag and with less upkeep.

Or to create a simplistic, neutral and yet elegant look outside, consider using porcelain pavers in shades of white. This could project the image of a more expensive material like marble, but it’ll be at a fraction of the cost, it’ll be much easier to install, and it’ll be much easier to look after.

Another way to use mostly neutral colors outside is to lay down large porcelain pavers in white with streaks of other shades of white. This bright, welcoming color scheme is perfect for large spaces such as outside kitchen and dining areas, and it will reflect natural light beautifully.

Perhaps the project calls for laying pavers down to create a garden path, and porcelain works just as well in this case. Use large square gray pavers with swirls of brown and white to evoke the look of granite, except with a material that will cost less and will also be more durable. This approach can also work well for outside dining areas as the neutral colors won’t clash with garden furniture.

Consider using porcelain for sprucing up the exterior of your home, saving time and stress compared to using other materials.

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