Plumber’s Call-Out Fee: What Is It and Why Does It Cost So Much?

Published On December 12, 2015 | Home

The first question we want to know when we call a plumber is if they charge a call-out fee, mainly because we already expected that any plumbing service can be very expensive or they must be overcharging. But plumbers do much more than unblocking drains and fitting pipes. They install, repair and maintain piping systems and fixtures in home or business. Sometimes we think that plumbers are just taking advantage and overcharging.

Basically, a call out fee is a charge for a tradie’s effort to attend the job’s location.It compensates the tradie for having to attend a job out of hours.But from a business perspective, the call-out fee is used to pay for the costs associated with being a plumber such:


  • Travel cost to reach your property
  • Petrol and maintenance on work vehicles
  • Time spent keeping vehicle stocked with all the necessary plumbing equipment
  • Insurance
  • Compliance costs associated with commercial work
  • Health and Safety trainings and manuals

You must be thinking by now that the costs are not your concern and should be shouldered by the plumber. Remember that you are probably paying for his time. Especially during emergency situations when they were also trained to be ready to attend a job out of hours. So aside from the items we’ve listed above, the call-out fee will also depend on the time, location, and nature of work.

You should be looking for licensed and trusted plumbers who will be at your property as fast as possible to rectify the problem. Keep in mind that the cheapest, is not always the best one. So if you were charged lower than the average price, you have to ask is the plumber licensed and fully trained to perform the task. Or it will only cost you more in the long run?

So prior to the commencement of the work, make sure you discuss the fees and charges a plumber has. It is always better to consider the quality or else you will be spending more cash. And most importantly, find a qualified and licensed plumber you can trust.

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