Preparing To Renovate Your Home In 5 Simple Steps

Published On September 16, 2015 | Home


No home looks exactly as we would want it, whether its putting in a new kitchen, knocking through connecting walls or building an extension, we all envisage improvements for where we live. This can be an exciting project to take on, however it can go disastrously wrong with out proper preparation. Here are 5 easy steps to consider when improving your home.



The first and possibly most important step. Budgeting can either leave you in the nice position of being able to splash out on a more premium product or put you in the embarrassing position of having a window shaped hole in your new conservatory. There are plenty of helpful online tools to create a simple but effective plan.

Project Management

Giving yourself start and end dates are vital in this process, even if you adjust them once work has begun. Giving yourself an end date will push you on in making the decisions needed in the other four steps and minimises the time in which your home will resemble a building site. Organising what is installed and when is crucial because you don’t want to sculpt out window shaped holes in your new extension a week before the windows are planned to be installed.

Contractor or DIY?

Possibly the most difficult step in this process. You budgeting will be influenced by this because obviously if you employ someone to carry out the work it will be more expensive. If you are comfortable and experienced then making this a DIY job is your best bet, but if you choose to do it alone without any skills or experience it could actually prove more expensive if you make any mistakes.

If you do decide to do it yourself, always remember there are certain jobs you shouldn’t risk yourself, such as fitting gas appliances. Instead you should find someone who is on the gas safety register.


Realising the improvements you can make to your home can be very exciting, but it should not be rushed into without fully planning down to the smallest detail. Being able to provide a contractor with measurements could even save you money when it comes to receiving a quote, so don’t leave anything to chance. Measurements are important for any improvement and should be taken very seriously as failure to do so could leave you with a draft under your door or a wonky windowsill.


Waste Disposal

While changing a few door handles won’t put much strain on your wheel bin, stripping out your kitchen and replacing it with a new one or knocking through a wall will undoubtedly leave you with ample waste. The easiest solution is to hire a skip. Size and price are important to consider, and Reds Skips Skip Hire provide a very helpful guide in deciding whats best for you.

Following these 5 keys steps will hopefully improve your renovating experience and give you the best outcome in your home. If you found these tips helpful please give it a share. By no means are these five tips gospel and if you have any other tips please let us know in the comment box below. Thanks for reading!

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