Reasons Home Buyers Should Pay Attention to A Property Inspection

Published On August 15, 2015 | Home

Buying a home is the single most expensive investment in a person’s life, which is why you need to ensure that the entire purchasing process goes off without a hitch and that there are no nasty surprises somewhere along the way. After all, in addition to being an expensive exercise, it is also a fun and happy one and you certainly don’t want anything to ruin it. A property inspection is therefore crucial in ensuring that the dream house you are purchasing really is what it appears to be.

A property inspection can save you money and a lot of heartache in the long run. A property inspection reveals the true condition of the property and uncovers any faults. If, after the property inspection has been conducted, it is discovered that there is some repair work or maintenance to be done, the buyer can always approach the seller and negotiate a lower price in order to cover the cost of the repairs.

It is the duty of the seller to disclose the present condition of the property and this includes any deficiencies in the property. This disclosure takes the form of a disclosure notice that must be submitted to the buyer. Faults in the home can be anything from mold and mildew, rising damp, cracks in the walls, roof leaks or cracks in the foundations.


Before signing on the dotted line, a buyer should know exactly where they stand, but it is impossible to be in this position without having had a property inspection conducted. A property inspection is a very painless procedure nowadays and doesn’t take long at all. Most property inspectors make use of property inspection apps or software which enables them to have your property inspection report generated almost immediately after they have performed the inspection.

A property inspection is crucial as it can indicate how potential repair work will negatively affect your finances in the future should you decide to purchase the property.

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