Saving Money on Heating This Winter

Published On November 11, 2015 | Featured

With winter fast approaching, the leaves dropping off the trees and your heating probably on constantly just to keep the house warm, things can get very expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. In fact, with a few little tweaks and changes you can cut your heating bills this winter and still stay nice and warm without having to wear your gloves, hat, scarf and three woolly jumpers.

Adjust That Thermostat

Did you know that by just decreasing the thermostat temperature by a few degrees you can actually save a lot of money? The most widely suggested setting is anywhere between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius, according to radiator company If you’re setting it any higher than this, you are wasting energy and your money.

Likewise, each individual radiator in each of your rooms often has an individual thermostat. The most common rooms to switch off completely should be your kitchen and bedroom.  The kitchen will soon warm up with the oven or hob on, and in the bedroom you won’t feel the heat during the night anyway.  Once you’re snuggled up under the covers you won’t even notice it being cold.

Of course, you should also make sure to check the radiators in any spare rooms or rooms that you rarely use. Adding in halogen bulb electric heaters can work out to be much cheaper as these types of heaters provide “instant heat”, providing you with quick warmth when you need it.

Heating This Winter

Block off Rooms

Another great thing a lot of families with large houses do over winter is have a shift around of the furniture and combine certain rooms together. As an example, if you have a dining room and don’t want to heat it to just use it for your evening dinner, see if you can move the table into the lounge instead.

You should keep all of your doors closed too; if you leave a room, then make sure you close the door after you. When your heating is on, the system will attempt to warm up the whole area until your thermostat turns off, making it take a lot longer and more expensive to heat places like the bathroom etc. if you are leaving the doors open all the time.

The Power of Curtains

Further to this have a look at hanging some thick, heavy curtains across your front and back doors at least. These doors often cause a draft and just having a curtain across them really can save you a lot of money on escaped heat.

Likewise, close the curtains when it starts getting dark. Most windows have vents or can even be badly sealed and let a draft in, so keep them closed or close them earlier than you need to (especially if you already have the lights on).This simple little trick along with the rest of them will make a combined big difference to your heating bill this winter.

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