Specialities of conventional versus contemporary Acadian home plans

Published On May 27, 2015 | Featured

As a buyer for homes, you would like to have a house that will last long as well as look wonderful, in the style of your choice. To find the home of your dreams you will have to understand what you look at and what it puts forward. Acadian style houses could be the appropriate choice for you if you are seeking rich architecture and lots of detail in your home.

Acadian home plans bring together Canadian and West Indian maritime home architectures. These types of houses have Georgian type floor plans having a central hallway, with a chimney. Most Acadian buildings are 1-1½ stories tall having an abrupt gabled roof. This type of architecture provides room for an attic sleeping area. Homes of this style are made of native cypress wood which are normally not affected by insects or moisture. Oftentimes rooms are arranged on both sides of the central hallway along with a kitchen at the backside. These houses characteristically have a steep, slanted roof with gables for getting rid of snow and moisture efficiently. These buildings are raised on blocks to guard them from heat, flooding, and termites.

Acadian home plans are amongst the most sought-after home plans in the present market due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, this style is ageless and may be expressed as a “timeless home.” Acadian style homes have characteristics that have stood the test of time, developing and recuperating over two centuries to go with the requirements of its native Gulf Coast and the South in general. Secondly, modern designers have succeeded in adjusting the timelessness of the plans to contemporary tastes by putting due stress on sought-after features of the modern lifestyle. Last but not the least, these homes, with their distinctive brick or stone exteriors, is typically low in maintenance.

Acadian style houses have experienced a resurgence in southeast America, becoming an important architectural custom in regions like Louisiana. This architectural effect in the district was already there, since for over a century Acadians have been settling in the region. The constructions had to be tailored to the climate of the Gulf Coast; in time the buildings were constructed by raising them above the ground to evade flooding.

Instead of making use of stones to build the homes as was the practice in Acadia, people of Louisiana used Spanish moss mixed with clay to make the walls. The material provided excellent insulation from heat and was locally accessible. On the exterior of the house, the material was enclosed with thick boards of cypress to guard against rain.

While the conventional Acadian buildings had basements to provide storage space, this practice was not feasible in the South and in Louisiana due to the elevated water table. For that reason, cellars elevated above the ground came to be built connected to the building. Early on, houses were extremely small, often having just a single room; nevertheless with the passage of time, houses with more than one room, started to come up, with doorways which led to a central hallway. Modern Acadian home plans, offer you with all the modern aspects of contemporary lifestyle.

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