Taking Temporary Shelter In Oklahoma City During Tornado

Published On November 16, 2015 | Home

There are many ways to protect you and your family from the storms and the tornados that daily occur in the City of Oklahoma. It is one of the popular cities in the United States of America that face tornados in most of the time of the year. Sudden attack of the storms and the tornados can make you bewildered and puzzled. By losing everything, you may feel homeless. You and your family members also get severely injured by the attack of the storms. So, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to install the underground cement shelters or use the safe rooms. There are lots of options.


The types of shelters are the used in these days are the underground garage shelters, safe rooms, concrete shelters and the underground bunkers. These all prove to effective options to stay safe during the tornados. The concrete storm shelter helps you to hide during the strong winds. The underground shelters are great for most of the people living in the tornado zone. They meet the FEMA standards and they last for more than 10 years. They will not float and they have the capacity to withstand the strong winds and tornados. The concrete is done on all the sides and even at the top to ensure proper safety. They are attached to the garage slabs to prevent floating. They do not require handrails.

The safe rooms are easy to install and they look like the exterior room of the house. These rooms are sometimes customized according to the number of people going inside. They are tested from the Texas Tech and they are FEMA certified. The safe rooms are available in steel floors.


Oklahoma Shelters is one of the repute various companies that offer various safety shelters and the underground cement bunkers for those who live in Oklahoma.

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