The Benefits of Tinting Your Windows at Home

Published On June 24, 2016 | Home

Window film is a cost effective way to protect your home against a variety of threats. Apart from the obvious heat reduction, film on your windows will help to protect your furniture and carpets from the constant stream of direct sunlight.

Ultra-violet radiation

The sun’s rays can be harmful, not only to our assets, but also to us. This is the cause of sunburn, and is seen as one of the risk factors for skin cancer. Modern window film can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays, protecting you and your home.

Maximise the use of your living space

Window film allows us to use a room at any time, especially when the glaring sun is attacking, making it unbearable for a few hours. If you are considering home tinting in Perth, there are reputable suppliers that will assist you in every aspect, from design to installation.

Save on energy

Installing window film will enable you to save significantly on your electric bills, as the heat is reflected off the film in the summer months, while in the winter, your precious heat will not escape through the glass. Window film reduces glare, which means you can watch TV in the middle of the day. Window film also makes for an even temperature throughout the home, as the a/c system is not working too hard trying to keep each room at the desired temperature.Cold and hot spots will no longer be a problem, as the optimum conditions will be much easier to maintain and control.

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Safety first

The good thing about window film is that any glass breakage is unlikely to injure, as the small glass slivers will stay attached to the film. It will also protect your windows against storm damage, while remaining impervious to scratches and dents.

Security film

This adheres to the interior of the glass to help shards and slivers of glass to remain intact if the window pane should shatter. Made from multiple layers of clear polyester film, with one side coated with a very strong adhesive solution that is applied to the glass, while the room-facing side is protected with a scratch-resistant formula. This film is a deterrent against burglars, making your home a safer place.


Using frosted or opaque film, one can create the right amount of privacy, and with combinations of clear film added, one can still have a wonderful view of the garden. Your local film supplier will be happy to suggest the right shades and configurations to give you a perfect balance of seclusion and visibility.

The right installation

Window film is only as good as the installation, so make sure you use a reputable local company who will prepare the glass surfaces before applying the film professionally, leaving no unsightly bubbles or creases. With a wide range of finishes and styles to choose from, you can easily make your home more secure, while adding to the comfort, and saving money at the same time.

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