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The Hidden Costs of Buying Home – What All You Must Consider

Published On December 3, 2015 | Home

You have arranged the deposit for the home by borrowing loan, but there are several hidden costs to consider too. If you talk about the fear of any first time buyer, it would be the overall costs incurred throughout the home buying process. Buying a home is certainly not simple. Make sure that you have sufficient funds to put aside to meet hidden expenses.

Choosing the right mortgage

While choosing the mortgage you have to be extra careful. The deal that appears appealing and satisfactory might turn out to be expensive later. Most of these lenders offer 100% loans. However, they charge higher rate of interest that all the borrowers cannot afford to pay. You will be in a better situation, if you could pay at least 10% of the deposit from the savings. Besides the mortgage, there is a huge list of expenses.

Buying Home

Stamp duty is imposed during the property buying procedure. If the buyer invests in a property less than $60000, they have to pay nothing. However, properties lying between $60000- $250000 is charged 1% of the purchase amount. As the purchasing price increases, so does the stamp duty.


Most of the potential buyers have to pay for basic surveys about property and homes. There are only few lenders that offer surveys free of cost. However, most of them charge around $300. Some of them also call it as a homebuyer’s report, another way of making money.

These surveys could cost as much as $800 because they include important and useful details. Most of them will uncover the defects. Usually, people decide to take the basic survey. If the survey does not seem useful, you could upgrade to a full structural one. In case the survey shows faults, you are at a stronger position and negotiate on price.

There is a legal work involved during the home purchasing process. You could check out the low cost conveyancing online. Different online websites offer heavy discounts to the buyers on procedures like land registry, local authority researches, examination of the lease documents and so on. Once you have finalized a home, it is essential to find a good solicitor.

While exchanging the contracts, the seller might ask you to pay 10% of the sale price. In case, you have applied to 100% mortgage, the lender will pay the amount.

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