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The Increasing Demand for Professional Cooks in Dubai

Published On January 31, 2017 | Kitchen Remodeling

Drawn by high salaries and pleasant working conditions, more and more international chefs from India, Europe, Indonesia and other countries are drawn to cook in Dubai to further their careers. We have a large number of vetted clients who are looking to hire cook for home, and open positions for pastry chefs, masters of vegetarian cuisine, as well as professional cooks of almost any skill level or specialty.

While there are several maid companies in Dubai, Savoir Vivre takes special care to perfectly match the needs of our clients with the potential and skills of the candidates. As a company specializing in serving a high-end clientele, our preferred candidates are those with extensive work experience and a history of accomplishment.Image result for The Increasing Demand for Professional Cooks in Dubai

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not simply forward your request to prospective cooks and chefs and hope for the best. We understand the specific needs of our clients who want to hire cook for home and strive to find the most closely matching cook in Dubai. As it is important to both us and our clients to form a lasting relationship with the most promising chefs out there, we also offer cultural training to avoid situations which may possibly cause unpleasant interactions.

Since we understand that personal qualities are just as important as technical skills, we insist on a personal interview; in person, if at all possible, or by phone or Skype if necessary. This allows us a chance to assess which roles are most suitable for you, which we will use to supply you with advice on the best career opportunities to be found in our modern desert city.

Unlike most maid companies in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, some of which have developed somewhat bad reputations for their treatment of foreign workers, your happiness in and outside of work is important to us, as this directly reflects on our company’s reputation and that of the placement services we provide. We understand that moving to a foreign country with a culture that may be strange to you can be difficult, and we will communicate with you extensively about your relocation, immigration concerns and whatever other areas you might need local assistance on.

We are constantly seeking qualified candidates for placement in some of the wealthiest households throughout the United Arab Emirates, so do not delay in sending Savoir Vivre your CV, photograph and a brief description of where you are on your career path and what kind of positions will interest you. We pride ourselves on being the best, and we look forward to working with the best.

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