Tips and Tricks To Clean Your Oven Easily

Published On October 26, 2015 | Featured

After using your over for months to roast chicken and bake cakes, they tend to become a little grimy. Grease gets build up and some amount of charred foods also gets accumulated onto the appliance and then transforms into carbon, creating a strong smell of burns while cooking. Letting the oven stay long with those carbon accumulations, can actually taint your food and can also become a “fire hazard”. Here are a few instructions that one must follow to keep your oven clean.

Determine The Type Of “Oven” You Have:

There are a few types of ovens available in the market an each one of them have a different type of cleaning process.

  • There are some ovens that have auto-clean feature, which doesn’t allow the grease to get accumulated, but rather turns them into ashes.
  • Textured ovens have a continuous cleaning process on and thus, come with a porcelain layer that has been specially designed to burn the spilled food, while you bake.
  • Ovens that are regular and doesn’t come with these features must be cleaned regularly in order to ensure enhanced longevity.


The Cleaning Process:

First prepare your oven for cleaning. Make sure that whenever you are cleaning you oven, children and pets are not nearby. Also ensure that the ventilations and the kitchen windows are open, such that your family doesn’t inhale the fumes.

Remove the Racks and then place them under the sink and then wash it with warm water. You can also use a few drops of liquid soap to keep the racks clean.

Turn the self-cleaning mode on, if your oven is having the auto clean feature.

Make sure that the doors of your oven are locked properly, when your auto-clean feature is switched on. If your lock is not working, consider fixing it up with some masking tape.

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