Top Four Cities for Real Estate Investment in India

Published On March 13, 2015 | Featured, Home

Nowadays, real estate business has become so popular that all the businessmen are opting for it. The booming real estate has become a good resource of income for many; mainly in metropolitan cities, the real estate business is high. In rural areas, there is no real estate business because of lack of development. Urban areas like Mumbai and Delhi are the cities wherein the business is at top. Real estate investors invest on a property to get high profit and they also see the area where the property is located because if the area is good, then investor can demand more money and he will earn more profit. In the real estate business, the area where the investor buys the property matters a lot; if the investor buys a property in rural area then there is no use of it. So, there are some cities in India where investors can invest on any property blindly to get some good profit. Listed below are few of them.

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Bangalore is famous for its weather and cleanliness. It is a place where there is sudden growth from past 10 years. Many people from different states come to Bangalore and stay here because of the resources and facilities. Moreover, it is called silicon city because of the rapid IT sector growth from past 8 to 10 years, so many people from various states come to the city for job and settle there. So, investing in real estate in this city will be the key for success in real estate.


Mumbai is also called the financial capital of India because of the development and business going on in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. There are some areas like Thane, Chembur and Wadala. These are some of the places wherein investors can invest without any second thought. Mumbai is very costly because of the demands in real estate. Investors may think twice before buying any property because of the cost, but the investment will be worth it.


Noida extension is one of the areas in Delhi wherein the real estate business is touching the sky. Many builders with very good investment are making the real estate business high. Within 5 to 10 years, the development can take place at very high rate. IT companies have also established in the area. There will be good profit if one invests in Delhi.


Pune has proved itself as the IT city because of many arising companies. There are many places in Pune wherein one can make investment and get profit. In Pune, Kalyani Nagar, Aundh and Wakad are some of the places wherein investments can be done blindly to earn good profit.

There are some more cities like Chennai and Kolkata for a good real estate business. So, these are four cities wherein real estate is really booming.

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