Various drainage problems that affect your landscape

Published On April 9, 2016 | Home Interior

Your backyard or front-yard is as important as the indoor portion of your house and thus it is very important to be very smart while employing different architectures in your garden. The Portland Oregon landscaper has got several years of experience and expertise and can help you in having a beautiful and well-managed garden. Here are some of the common drainage problems that you can have in your landscape architecture:

Surface Drainage:

One of the most common problems that the people here in the Portland suffer is that of the surface water. Especially, the fact the clay soil is present in the area and builders are not that aware towards its management can cause problem in draining as the surface holds up the water and does not allows it to drain. In such a scenario, your designer can get a new way out to allow drainage and helps you in managing the garden area with ease.

landscape affect

High Water availability:

In the low lying regions, this problem is very common and makes it very tough for you to manage your landscape. The excess quantity of water during the rainy season denies the plants the oxygen they need and thus they start dying which makes your graveyard look barren. A good solution for this problem is to plant the trees that require excessive water to help them grow and thus maintain the beauty of your garden. You can also visit for getting help from the expert landscape designer over this problem.

Hardpan Layer:

It is one of the very common yet very hectic problems as it stops the flow of water. The water stops and gets stuck in these layers which affects drainage and thus has a drastic impact on the landscape design. A good solution to this problem is the adoption of underground drainage system.

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