Why and How to Hire a Closet Organizer

Published On December 6, 2015 | Home

A well-organized closet is a huge time saver — not to mention all the stress you’ll avoid by having your clothing, shoes and accessories neatly stored and properly organized. Sometimes, though, it’s challenging to tackle a project of this magnitude yourself. If you’ve gotten to the point where you know what a game-changer a neat closet would be, but haven’t been able to find the time and / or willpower to do it yourself, consider hiring a professional closet organizer.

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The Why

A professional closet organizer is just that: A professional. They’ll be trained, they’re experts, and they’ve done this sort of thing numerous times before. Plus, there’s an important psychological factor involved: They’re not you. Meaning, they don’t have personal ties to what’s in and not in your closet, which helps them help you make logical choices.

There may be numerous reasons why you haven’t gotten around to organizing your own closet. Maybe you’re so inundated at work and other responsibilities that you can’t imagine spending the precious free time you do have dealing with your closet. Perhaps you have a bit of a hoarding tendency. But whatever the reason, working with someone can be a huge help.

A professional organizer will be familiar with the sorts of products that are available to get your closet into tip-top shape, and they’ll also be able to work within your budget. You may not have the time or interest to spend hours googling what type of shelf to best use for your shoes, or what kind of hangers work best with what clothes. An organizer will have all that knowledge already. They’ll be able to advise you on what kind of shelf organizer will keep your items neatly stacked, and share tips of the trade, such as how using a simple closet doubler will get you more storage space, and how to get your boots, which take up a huge amount of room, off the floor with a product like a hanging boot rack.

Additionally, a professional organizer will hold you accountable: Just like a trainer at the gym makes sure that you’re lifting the proper amount of weight and not breezing through with a too-easy set of dumbbells, an organizer is there for you. They’re part coach, part project manager, and even part therapist. The best organizer will be empathetic (because truly, change is never easy), but firm: They’re there to help you reach your goal.

The How

If you’ve never used a professional organizer, finding someone who will be coming into your home and working with your personal items can feel a bit daunting. Do your research: Ask friends, family, co-workers for recommendations. Check out local message boards and neighborhood listservs. Read the reviews on the National Organization of Professional Organizers (NAPO) website for organizers near you.


Consult with anyone before you hire them. Have a goal, or multiple goals in mind — such as, I want to reduce my items by one-third, or I want to set up an organizational structure that will let me choose outfits and put them away with ease. Explain that goal to whoever you’re thinking of hiring. Many organizers will work on an hourly basis, and the more details you can give them about what you’re expecting, the more accurately they’ll be able to pinpoint a time and thus cost estimate. Leave some wiggle room, however; as with any project, things may take longer than expected.

Other matters to discuss with a potential organizer are their training and certifications; references; and what type of materials / labor they foresee for the project.

The Goal

Above all, it’s important to keep your goal in mind: A beautifully organized home. Peace of mind. A stress-free environment. Remember those from the moment you begin looking for a professional organizer, and especially in those times when the project seems overwhelming. The person you hire will be there for you during the process, and your end result will certainly be worth it.

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