Window Blinds: Give Your Home An Elegant Makeover

Published On January 10, 2017 | Home Interior

 When you decide to give your rooms or the entire house a complete makeover, do you pay as much attention to choosing the curtains and blinds for the windows or the doors as much you pay to making a choice for other furnishings? Have you ever noticed what an impact can changing even one curtain of your room have? Since ages, we have been using various designs of curtains as decorative pieces for our homes. But now, the use of blinds is in as the use of curtains has become quite superannuated.

Window blinds are a kind of window coverings a just like curtains but somewhat different in terms of style. Though these are considered to impart an official look to a place but still many people have now started using them in their homes instead of using curtains as usual. They not only perform the basic function of protecting the interiors of your home from someone trying to peep in to get an unwanted glimpse of your sweet home but they also give an unbelievable style statement to your space.Image result for Window Blinds: Give Your Home An Elegant Makeover

Types of Window Blinds

Blinds can be differentiated in two parts:

  • Decorative Blinds
  • Functional Blinds

Decorative blinds are the basic forms of blinds and are available in various colours, textures, patterns, and fabrics. So it’s up to one’s own imagination to choose the best-suited blind for his place.

On the other hand, Functional blinds not only beautify a room but also perform certain tasks to make it easy for the user to put them to their desired use. These perform functions ranging from

  • Keeping the area cool in summers and warm in winters, thus acting as electricity efficient and are termed as Heat Reflective Blinds.
  • Giving you a peaceful night’s sleep and even a day’s nap by making the room go darker with the presence of Blackout Blinds.
  • Keeping unwanted noise at bay through the kind of fabric they are made of and are generally known as Noise Reducing Blinds.

Range of Blinds

Considering colossal demand for window treatment solutions today and constantly changing trends in the market, it is imperative to be familiar with the wide range of blinds as these are available not in one but various materials. Basically, it all depends upon the choice that you make regarding a particular blind. The most pivotal role in picking up a specific blind is played by factors like the purpose of the room, window-positioning, the required functionality, and so on. Therefore, you may choose from a variety of range from wooden to bamboo to functional pleated blinds to impressive slats of fabric as in case of Venetian Blinds.  

  • Venetian Blinds are a craze. To give an elegant view to your room and to regulate light and air, Venetian Blinds can be used. These are the basic blinds which are formed with horizontal slats of metal, plastic, fabric or even wooden, placed on top of the one another, to be regulated in unison with a hanging cord. An additional advantage of Sälekaihtimet is that when the slats get combined with the light entering the rooms, they create a breath-taking pattern on the interior walls of the room.
  • Similarly, Roman Blinds are also made up of slats and are used as a blockage to sunlight. However, one major drawback they carry is that they are not suitable for areas with high temperatures and moisture, making them unsuitable for bathroom use.
  • If you don’t want everyday headache of dusting the blinds, you can opt for Vertical Blinds as due to the vertical direction of their slats, they are less likely to collect dust unlike theVenetian and Roman Blinds which are horizontal and subsequently, are more prone to dust.         

Therefore, the growing need of blinds as an alternative to the use of curtains is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Whether it is to prevent someone trying to gaze in, to keep the harsh sunlight from entering the room, thus maintaining a soothing temperature inside, to prevent the dusty wind from entering in, or to provide an aesthetic design to your room, it is the best deal to invest in blinds. So, if you too are planning to get a room/home makeover done soon this year, just try blinds this time. For sure, you are going to love them!

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Mark Farley is a home décor expert and shares useful info on types of windows blinds. He recommends Venetian blinds for your home if you want that extra light effect on the walls of your house.

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